Monday, August 30, 2010

say goodbye to my heart tonight

Earlier this week, it was absolutely freezing. I believe it was somewhere in the 60s, and in August of all months. It was fun, though. I prefer the cooler temperatures of fall to the scorching hot temperatures of summer - and speaking of such, it's been spiking up towards the 90s again. I started college, finally, and so far, it's quite interesting. I've met a ton of cool people, had some good and bad experiences in some of my classes, and I've begun sleeping in class (unintentionally, of course) and procrastinating already. And it's only two days into the school year, haha.

I don't miss high school at all. I know there was a certain comfort zone there, along with my second family - the track team, but it's time to move on. I'm maturing and I'm growing up (no matter how much I would like to deny it). I know I'll always be a kid at heart, but life is about experiences. I need to grow up to experience to good things and the bad things of life. I just hope that it'll be kind to me.

Most of my clothing have been with me for a good number of years - like these jeans this DKNY jacket. These jeans are roughly a year old, but I've had a great deal of memories in them. I bought them upstate in Lake George while my best friend and I were on a trip to visit some colleges that we were applying to. And this jacket represents all the rainy days and cold winter days that I would refuse to wear anything other but this and a sweatshirt. I tend to abuse this jacket in the fall and the winter. Each piece of clothing in my closet can be associated with an event that includes my friends and family. And without realizing, when I really miss them the most, I tend to incorporate the most memorable articles of clothing into my day to day outfit. I miss my best friends, my track team, and my boyfriend. I miss the comforts of inside jokes, saying 'hello' to my favorite teachers, and being able to retreat to the Publications Office to skip class and work on the yearbook. I miss everything and everything about the past, but I'm ready to embrace the future.

I'm a very go-with-the-flow kind of girl. I believe everything happens for a reason. I just hope that the flow is leading me the right way.

Outfit Details:
green military jacket - DKNY
aztec print blouse - Urban Outfitters
outer space tanktop - Staccato from Century 21
jeans - Bullhead from Pacsun

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Forgotten Jewelry

I rarely wear jewelry that do not tell a specific story or do not have any sentimental value to me. Sure, they may be pretty and they may accentuate my outfit, but my jewelry is mine and mine only. They were given to me as gifts and, more often than not, passed down to me from my grandmother. Pictured above are purple jade pieces of a bracelet (that had just broke the hour before this picture was taken), a dime bracelet (made out of real dimes; most of the dimes are incredibly old, dating as far back as 1920s), a golden 'heart' ring, a gold band (inscribed with my paternal grandmother and grandfather's initials; it was my grandfather's wedding ring), and a silver Marc Jacobs latin ring.

The two gold rings and dime bracelet were all my grandparents' jewelry. They were my grandmothers - all except for the gold band. It was my grandfather's wedding band, inscribed with their initials. I had found all of these pieces of jewelry in a glass jar in the basement one day as I was doing laundry and waiting for the dryer to finish - long forgotten and collecting dust.

My only 'silver' piece of jewelry is a Marc Jacobs' latin ring. It says Serva Me Servabote - "save me and I will save you". I've always wanted to fix people who seemed broken - people who look like they need a friend, or someone to make them smile. And I would always hope that they did the same for me. I need all of my relationships - whether they are romantic or platonic - to be a relationship that revolves around equality. What I do for you, I expect you to do for me if I ever find myself in need. Plus, I always think everyone needs a little 'saving' in their lives.

Not pictured above are a pearl necklace, also my grandmother's, and my father's jade necklace, shaped as a dragon as seen here, in a previous post.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bonjour, Paris!

No, I'm not in Paris, though I wish I was! I'd prefer to be anywhere but New York at this moment. Tomorrow is my freshman orientation at college, so I'm a tad bit excited for that. Still, I wouldn't say that I'm happy about it. It means that I'm growing up. And since my eighteenth birthday is around the corner, I feel quite sad that there are people my age - and younger - who have accomplished much more in their lives than I have. It makes me feel a tad inadequate. Also, apologies for the bag of recyclables. At least we're green, right?

This shirt was another gift from my grandmother; I suppose she has a knack for collecting odd shirts from here and there. Half of them were not to my liking, but I always find some rare treasures amongst the piles of clothes that she covets to give away. I actually hate the bottom of this shirt - it flares out at the ends so I have to resort into tucking it into this new lace skirt that I ordered from Urban Outfitters along with the shoes and the belt, haha.

I had been craving lace pieces for a while now, and I suppose I went overboard when I saw this skirt and these shoes on the website on sale. My two favorite words. The skirt, unfortunately, is a bit too tight for my liking. I'm always in between a US size 4 and a size 6, so I always take a gamble when I order. Luckily, it's not too much of a fit, as long as I don't over consume anything when I eat.

Outfit Details:
'Paris' tshirt - gift from grandmother
lace skirt - Urban Outfitters
brown belt - Urban Outfitters
lace flats - Urban Outfitters

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Behind every successful cat is an obedient owner."

Often I opt for outfits that provide comfort rather than go for outfits that are fashionable. Actually, I think half of what I wear doesn't make sense. I always tend to fall for kitschy pieces that never seem to go with anything I wear. And it's a shame because they're usually the most comfortable articles of clothing that I own. I actually hated this sweater, but it was a gift from my grandmother (I suppose old ladies always have an affinity for cats) and I can't help but keep this sweater for sentimental value.

I would also like to apologize for the lack of aesthetically pleasing features of my kitchen. And yes, that toaster is rather dirty. This is just a view of my typical morning. I often snap pictures of myself while my breakfast is cooking.

A ham sandwich with egg whites, tomatoes (with salt and pepper), and light mayo on whole wheat bread. Sometimes I make hash browns too (as you can see, I was a little too excited to eat the hash browns before taking a picture).

Outfit Details:
Cat sweater - gift from grandma
Blue tank top - old navy
Blue shorts - Converse
Blue slip on sneakers - Vans
Jade necklace, pearl necklace, gold ring - grandma's/family heirlooms

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Character Style: Violet Baudelaire

violet beaureguard
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

I'm quite the avid reader. I always find the main characters (and sometimes even the minor ones) just so inspiring that I envision what they would appear to be like if they were to really exist. The most impressive visual I would have of them would be their attire. Most often, the author does not describe the outfit of the character but, instead, the attitude and personality. Based on these, I find myself dreaming up 'closets' for these characters.

For now, I start off with Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. I imagine her in mostly subdued colors - black, mostly, with varying assortments of dark, royal colors, such as a blue, violet (like her name), and teal. Patterns are scant, but her outfits consist, mainly of solid colors with slight, classic embellishments. Her attire is fashionable but comfortable too, as she is a girl that enjoys working with her hands and her mind. And who would Violet be without her assortment of ribbons?
I definitely see her wearing ChloƩ, Thakoon (especially his Fall 2009 collection), and Miu Miu.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mosque in Manhattan

Nothing fashion related. It's mostly a political/my own views sort of post.

My friend posted this on Facebook and I thought it was a very accurate depiction of the mindset of the many protesters. For those of you that aren't clued in, there are plans for construction of a mosque relatively close to where the World Trade Center once stood (refer to 9/11). I understand that it may be a sore sight, especially for those who were directly affected by the attack on the World Trade Center, but it does not give them the right to want to prevent a place of worship to be built.

Although I do not necessarily call myself a liberal (because I do have somewhat conservative views on some issues), I am especially sensitive to issues that pertain to people's "freedom of" rights. America was founded based on the ideology of having the freedom to express ourselves without oppression. The attack on the WTC came from al-Qaeda. Although they are an Islamist group - they are also a militant group. I've studied religion (although not officially, but by myself and through my friends who are followers of these specific religions), I find that many people have said that Islam is a radical religion. Is it not the same if we were to dissect the Bible? There are certainly some radical views in there, as well, and it is based on interpretation.

Just because one specific group of radicals of a certain religion had imposed a terrorist attack does not necessarily mean that we have to be wary and accuse the entirety of the rest of the followers. Would it be the same if we pointed fingers at Christians who protested at the funerals of soldiers and said that all Christians were racist and homophobic?

It may be in poor taste - the proximity of the mosque to the site of the World Trade Center, but it has every right to exist where it plans to be.

Just my two cents. Feel free to add your own. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

like the devil's got your hand

I was in such a rush this morning that I only managed to shoot one decent shot (and it didn't even show my shoes!). I've never managed to learn how to mix prints together, since I always end up looking like I got dressed in the dark (which I happen to do anyways, haha). But this outfit was a happy accident - where you had managed to accidentally paired two things together and they, to your surprise, managed to look decent, if not perfect. The florals and print of the skirt seem so different, yet so cohesive. To be honest, I absolutely hate that floral blouse. It's such an unflattering shape when it's not tucked in, and I had to roll up the sleeves to avoid looking too frumpy. But I think it's the similar color palette that helps me be able to actually like this outfit, haha.

I always admire those who can effortlessly pull off articles of clothing with contrasting patterns. I'm a bit of a mouse when it comes to such things; I often hate drawing attention to myself when it comes to what I wear. I suppose it has to do with some traumatic childhood stylings by my mother. I didn't come to appreciate what she made me wore back then (e.g. an electric blue leather jacket, a burn orange denim jack and jean matching suit, and other fashionable garments) while my peers were decked out in OshKosh and Gap.

Have you ever had moments where your outfits were "happy accidents"? If so, what was the surprising combination?

Outfit Details:
Floral blouse - Magazine from Century 21
Printed skirt - Fire from Century 21
brown woven belt - Hollister Co.
grey socks - grandmother's
beige patent flats (not pictured) - i forgot the designer

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fall/Winter 2010 Inspiration/Wish List

fall/winter 2010 inspirationFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
1. Moccasins - I actually had a pair, but I was running in them and

1. Moccasins - I actually owned a pair like a month ago, but I was running in them and tore a hole. :( So now I have to invest in a sturdier replacement.
2. Oxfords - I actually want a low heeled one, mainly because it looks more feminine than ones without heels.
3. High heeled Mary Janes
4. Printed flats.
5. Western style boots.
6. Ballerina/Mary Janes flats.
7. Waist-length trench coat.
8. Turtle neck sweaters
9. Military styled jackets
10. Capes.
11. Aztec blouse. Just bought.
12. Lace t-shirt
13. Dark wash jeans/leggings
14. Cotton pants with tapered legs.
15. Mens-styled/sheer blouses
16. Sweater vests/knit vests.
17. Lace skirts. Just bought.
18. Assorted socks - ankle, knee, thigh highs, tights. I really really am entertaining the idea of layering socks. I've been experimenting with wearing tights, layering thigh highs, knee socks, and ankle socks together to create depth to the outfit. 

I really want to stay in a muted, sort of powdery color palette. To sort of channel the ethereal feeling I always have during the fall and winter season. It feels sort of magical. I've been previewing the fall 2010 collections by designers, too, and found some of my favorites.

Images Courtesy of Style.Com and its respective owners.

i'm a monster, but i ain't no frankenstein

The problem with my closet is that, from my youth, I was an avid fan of graphic tee's. Now, I find myself skipping over these shirts and having no idea what to do with them. I managed to pair it with my skirt and canvas sneakers for a more casual look, but I feel as if I managed to look like a ten year old again, haha.

Originally, I wasn't too sure as if I wanted to wear a belt with it, but I opted to do so. I only feel comfortable if my waist is cinched with a belt. Sort of like a control top, haha! And I love this t-shirt. Mainly because of the political reference that it has. I love politics. Actually, I love any t-shirt that has designs in the front and the back, that way I'm entertaining people with my outfit from both sides.

Outfit Details:
"Smoke and Mirrors" graphic t-shirt - Threadless
black skirt - Century 21 (I forgot the designer; the tag ripped off)
grey socks- my grandmother's
black canvas sneakers - Vans
black belt - came with another skirt

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Hello, my name is Julia and this is my blog. I did have an older one, but someone had overtaken my Gmail account and I no longer have access to it. So, for now, I'll start afresh.  

I loved menswear pieces. I love them so much that I constantly invade my father's (and brother's) closet for pieces to call my own. My father has a whole collection of fine designer items that he has no care for, since my mother had purchased them all, so I help myself to some of the things that I feel like wearing, even though he's on the hefty side. Though, I do dislike trousers. They never seem to fit me right. So, I suppose, for now, I'll stick to wearing my father's clothes.

Can you tell that I'm already wishing for the fall? I find myself always wanting the opposite seasons (e.g: when it's winter, I crave for the summer). It's still August here, but I find myself wanting the sunny, windy disposition of the fall months because I am a fall baby. Earlier today, I had managed to place an order on Urban Outfitters for some clothes, so I hope they'll arrive soon. I'm scared of shopping online, mainly because I'm too lazy to send things back if it doesn't fit, resulting in my closet always being a mess and full and horribly disorganized.

Outfit Details:
Georgio Armani cardigan - father's closet
Ralph Lauren button up shirt - father's closet
(I forgot the brand) brown belt - brother's closet
black headband - Forever 21
tights - Ricky's (got them during concert when it got too cold)
pearl necklace - grandmother's