Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who needs a sister to share clothes with? I've got a brother (or two)!

I don't have a sister in my family, so female apparel is rather scarce in my house. However, I find myself so much more comfortable in my brothers' clothes that I often end up raiding their closet for pieces that I've been eying. Luckily for me, they're not too attentive to what's missing and I get away with keeping their comfy shirts in my own closet.

I like to make silly faces.  I find it easier to avoid looking directly at the camera, mainly because I have a hard time controlling my expressions. I usually look like either a) a crazy cat lady, b) a lost dog, or c) a combination of both.

Today was raining and gross and muggy. What happened to chilly, cool, sunny fall weather, NYC? You're slacking!

Outfit Details:
Ralph Lauren plaid flannel button up - my brother's closet
striped Gap long sleeved thermal shirt - my brother's closet
black bicycle shorts - some inexpensive brand
black tights - Hue
beat up black canvas sneakers - Vans

Monday, September 27, 2010

And She's Watching Him With Those Eyes (Glee tomorrow!)

I know I'm not the only one that loves Glee! I couldn't help pump myself up for tomorrow night by listening to Jessie's Girl, one of my favorite songs, ever. I sort of think of it like an 80's version of Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne, haha, except not really (I'm bad with analogies). My dad and I argue on which sounds better - the original by Rick Springfield, or the one by Finn (Cory Monteith). He likes Rick Springfield (of course), due to his affinity for anything from the 80's, and I (naturally) go for Cory Monteith's cover. I just can't wait!

Right! As for my outfit (Please ignore my horrible posture. I like to slouch). Well, unfortunately, I don't have much luck with heels! I bought these Nine West beauties at DSW for $49.99, a markdown from their original $69.99. Best deal ever? I think so! Of course, with my luck, (I'm a rather clumsy person) the day I decided to wear these, we had an impromptu fire drill at my college. As I was teetering down the main stairs (where the entire school could see), I fell down a couple of steps, tore my tights, and scraped my knee! Of course, I laughed it off...along with a good other hundred of my classmates. Haha. It was pretty funny, in retrospect. And worst of all: I scuffed one of the shoes! Now I'll have to try to find some brown polish to cover it up. I still haven't recovered my pride from that fall to wear these oxford pumps at school yet. So, I'll just resort to using them for dinner outings with my family and other special occasions!

YAY, GLEE TOMORROW. Okay, that's enough of my fan girling.
Outfit Details:
printed dress - Forever 21
brown cardigan - DKNY
black tights - Hue
Nine West oxford pumps - DSW

Friday, September 24, 2010

Food Junkie Diaries

(Quite image heavy!)

On this particular day, my friend Amrita (Quelle Dommage) and I were a bit too self-indulgent and gluttonous. We spent the entire day eating and exploring our wonderful home city. I even documented every morsel that we decided to intake. 

Some dudes dressed up in their medieval get-up. We saw them more than once. I think they were lost.
So our first stop was supposed to be this sushi place that Amrita suggested, but it was still closed by the time we got there (around 12. I guess everything in St. Marks tends to open later) ,so we headed into this amazing dessert bar. I'm so glad I got to eat dessert before lunch.

Through the day, I kept giving Amrita these brain-wrecking 'Yes or No' riddles. It was pretty funny seeing her get frustrated over it.
Amrita ordered a raspberry tea sorbet with coconut macaroons on the side.
I ordered a condensed milk icecream with passion fruit foam.
...And we ordered a vanilla almond coconut cupcake (Amrita) and almond and nutella macaroon cookie (mine).
My condensed milk icecream mixed with the macaroon cookie was absolutely AMAZING. One was sweet and the other was even sweeter! But mixed with the passion fruit foam? It was the perfect balance to the cookie and the icecream due to its tartness. I have quite a sweet tooth. I think that's why I have so many fillings from my younger years.

Pomme Frites, Belgian fries
If you're ever in St. Marks, you definitely need to check out Pomme Frites. They serve authentic Belgian fries with an assortment of eccentric sauces - like mango mayo (pictured above). So delicious. And this serving size was a SMALL! Amrita and I shared it and we were both full already. We were barely able to finish it.

And then off to Japanese food!

I loved the skylight in this otherwise dimly lit establishment.
My all-time favorite dessert place!
I love these cookies, but I favor Blueberry and Cream more!
Amrita and I ended going to Momofuku Milk Bar where I introduced her to their quirky cereal milk soft serve and I got my delicious cookies. Afterward, we ended up exploring more of the small stores around the area and finally heading to the Lush store in Union Square and purchasing matching Geo Phyzz bath bombs. These things are heavenly. I hadn't lain in the tub, soaking in the goodness of the bath bomb. Plus, I'm a little kid at heart. I was sort of giddy about watching that thing fizzing in the water once I dropped it in! All in all, an awesome day.

Outfit Details:
black dress by Kookai - my mother's closet
lace flats- Urban Outfitters
oversized bag - Forever 21

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Eighteen and I Don't Know What I Want

Today's my 18th birthday. I don't feel any different, nor did I have anything spectacular, but I did enjoy my day. I'm not a big celebrator of birthdays, but my close friends (who are currently away dorming at college) sent me some surprises through the mail, so I hope I get them soon!

I got red envelopes with money from my family (yay, shopping. Just kidding! I have to save up if I want to study abroad in London next year). It was my first time wearing heels (that Diya of In Her Stilettos inspired me to purchase) and, well, it was quite horrible. They're such cute shoes, but I don't know how you guys walk in these! They're incredibly painful.I actually opted not to wear the skirt after checking the weather forecast. I really didn't want to run around in the rain with a skirt so I just threw on some jeans.

After class, I met up with my good friend Michelle took me to St. Marks where we decided to have takoyaki and onigiri from Pan Ya. It was raining, but we still decided to sit outside, underneath the tarp. It's so peaceful when you listen to the rain and walk other people scurrying around, trying their best to avoid getting too wet. If you're ever in Manhattan and you want tasty Japanese food for a cheap price, definitely check it out. My chicken onigiri was only $1.64 after tax! Michelle had to run next door to the Japanese super market to get a salmon onigiri in the pouring rain, but she says it was worth it.

My delicious chicken onigiri.
Octopus takoyaki.

Michelle trying to unravel the plastic wrap off of her onigiri.
Awkward. :(
And a family photo Yay! Icecream cake.
Outfit Details:
lavender cardigan - American Apparel
grey tanktop - Some boutique in China
Fire floral skirt - Century 21
blue pumps - H&M
oversized bag - Forever 21