Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Eighteen and I Don't Know What I Want

Today's my 18th birthday. I don't feel any different, nor did I have anything spectacular, but I did enjoy my day. I'm not a big celebrator of birthdays, but my close friends (who are currently away dorming at college) sent me some surprises through the mail, so I hope I get them soon!

I got red envelopes with money from my family (yay, shopping. Just kidding! I have to save up if I want to study abroad in London next year). It was my first time wearing heels (that Diya of In Her Stilettos inspired me to purchase) and, well, it was quite horrible. They're such cute shoes, but I don't know how you guys walk in these! They're incredibly painful.I actually opted not to wear the skirt after checking the weather forecast. I really didn't want to run around in the rain with a skirt so I just threw on some jeans.

After class, I met up with my good friend Michelle took me to St. Marks where we decided to have takoyaki and onigiri from Pan Ya. It was raining, but we still decided to sit outside, underneath the tarp. It's so peaceful when you listen to the rain and walk other people scurrying around, trying their best to avoid getting too wet. If you're ever in Manhattan and you want tasty Japanese food for a cheap price, definitely check it out. My chicken onigiri was only $1.64 after tax! Michelle had to run next door to the Japanese super market to get a salmon onigiri in the pouring rain, but she says it was worth it.

My delicious chicken onigiri.
Octopus takoyaki.

Michelle trying to unravel the plastic wrap off of her onigiri.
Awkward. :(
And a family photo Yay! Icecream cake.
Outfit Details:
lavender cardigan - American Apparel
grey tanktop - Some boutique in China
Fire floral skirt - Century 21
blue pumps - H&M
oversized bag - Forever 21


  1. Yay, happy birthday! Looks like you had a fun day :)
    Also, that bag is so cute!

  2. Happy Birthday Julia , all my best wishes goes to you , have fun and enjoy your special day

    18 is an awesome number u know , i am 24 this year and i wish i can be 18 every year lol

    as the age is going up , i start to hate birthdays,its almost like a reminder which is bugging me.

    but i guess the best part of birthday is not the presents or parties , the beautiful thing about birthday is remembering our mum gave us the gift of life :)

  3. Red envelopes! It's a chinese tradition! We have that too in the Philippines every christmas where our uncles or aunts give us a red envelope loaded with cassssshhhh :)

    Happy birthday! :) I'm 22 and I still don't know what I want, so it's okay :) take yo

  4. ...take your time! haha! I didn't realize my reply wans't finish :)

  5. Love this hun.
    And your bag is just amazing.

  6. I like your room! From the little I can see anyway

    ps Happy belated Birthday x

  7. Happy birthday my dear! And thanks for getting some shots of the blogger meetup!

  8. Happy Birthday! Looks like you've been having a wonderful time and the Japanese food looks yummy and I'm such a fan of onigiri!

  9. HAPPY birthday!

    as for the shoes...oh no! didn't you walk around the store before purchasing them? They looked like they weren't uncomfy when you showed them to me though...I would try wearing them for special occasions that don't require a lot of walking (and if it's friction inside the shoe that's bothering you, put lots of lotion on your feet or wear tights before wearing the shoe the first few times).


  10. fabulous outfit and happy birthday xxx

  11. oh happy birthday!!! i just turned eighteen to!! your skirt is so pretty and i am sorry those shoes were uncomfortable, they look cute!!


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