Wednesday, April 6, 2011

written in the stars

since my last update...
I. i got new boots.
(they're Tommy Hilfigier. and awesome.)

II. i saw a cat.
(in a store window that wasn't a pet shop).

III.  i had indian food.
(vegetable samosas, naan, spinach, chicken curry, rice, onions)

IV.  and then sushi for dinner.

VI.  Strand bookstore.

VII.  Max Brenner's for chocolate fondue.
(for lunch....)

drank a banana split latte. 

VIII.  visited a marketplace.

 saw real scorpions. but they were dead. i think.

IX.  made friends with a bouncer.
(from the STRFKR concert.)

X.  went to a cemetary.

XI.  Chinatown for comfort food..

XII.  STRFKR teasers.
(look out for their feature in Fluorescent Adolescent Magazine's debut issue, out in late May/early June!) 

ETC.  and some other things...
(that happened without photographic evidence)

• i had to bring my camera in to be fixed. it set me back $200. (BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT)
• i'm going to FLORIDA/DISNEY WORLD/HARRY POTTER WORLD for my Spring Break!
• i went to the dentist. that lady has a vendetta against me. she clipped my lip.
• i ate more food.
• okay that's about it.

 Wow. That was the longest week I've ever had. And it's been especially long since I've updated which is SUPER TERRIBLE of me. I know. I know. And, if you've read the bullet points above, this silence is going to be prolonged for a little while because I get to go to Florida from the 15th to 25th of this month! Which is a yay for me, and a nay for all you curious readers. Sorry! SO SORRY. I feel really bad because I've been keeping a journal (like a real one. It's Hello Kitty and has stickers, so it's pretty legit), but I haven't had the time to actually blog about it. I like blogging better because it has pictures and I'm more of a visual person than a verbal person (as you can probably tell). I hope everyone's lives are much more simple and less hectic than mine. I am such a homebody. I wish I could just sit at home on my butt and do nothing all day.

I need to go shopping for Florida! Which means I want to buy a pair of TOMS! You guys should help me narrow down my choices.