Wednesday, April 6, 2011

written in the stars

since my last update...
I. i got new boots.
(they're Tommy Hilfigier. and awesome.)

II. i saw a cat.
(in a store window that wasn't a pet shop).

III.  i had indian food.
(vegetable samosas, naan, spinach, chicken curry, rice, onions)

IV.  and then sushi for dinner.

VI.  Strand bookstore.

VII.  Max Brenner's for chocolate fondue.
(for lunch....)

drank a banana split latte. 

VIII.  visited a marketplace.

 saw real scorpions. but they were dead. i think.

IX.  made friends with a bouncer.
(from the STRFKR concert.)

X.  went to a cemetary.

XI.  Chinatown for comfort food..

XII.  STRFKR teasers.
(look out for their feature in Fluorescent Adolescent Magazine's debut issue, out in late May/early June!) 

ETC.  and some other things...
(that happened without photographic evidence)

• i had to bring my camera in to be fixed. it set me back $200. (BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT)
• i'm going to FLORIDA/DISNEY WORLD/HARRY POTTER WORLD for my Spring Break!
• i went to the dentist. that lady has a vendetta against me. she clipped my lip.
• i ate more food.
• okay that's about it.

 Wow. That was the longest week I've ever had. And it's been especially long since I've updated which is SUPER TERRIBLE of me. I know. I know. And, if you've read the bullet points above, this silence is going to be prolonged for a little while because I get to go to Florida from the 15th to 25th of this month! Which is a yay for me, and a nay for all you curious readers. Sorry! SO SORRY. I feel really bad because I've been keeping a journal (like a real one. It's Hello Kitty and has stickers, so it's pretty legit), but I haven't had the time to actually blog about it. I like blogging better because it has pictures and I'm more of a visual person than a verbal person (as you can probably tell). I hope everyone's lives are much more simple and less hectic than mine. I am such a homebody. I wish I could just sit at home on my butt and do nothing all day.

I need to go shopping for Florida! Which means I want to buy a pair of TOMS! You guys should help me narrow down my choices.




  1. Love your outfit and all of your photos! Where was that chocolate fondu place may I ask?

  2. These pictures are awesome. The Indian food looked very delicious and made me want to get some this very minute! My vote is for the navy Tom's. And have lots of fun in Florida!! xoxo

  3. love the new boots, and omg looks like you ate so much delicious food! argh food envy lol x

  4. You are a FANTASTIC photographer! Have I ever told you that before? Well, if I have, then you can hear it again. These photographs really inspire me to take my own camera out for a spin and try to take more exciting pictures.

    Also, I know the exact corner of Chinatown you took a picture of. I used to pass by there all the time. You make me miss New York now!

  5. Those boots are so great! And it looks like you've been having an amazing (and yummy) time lately! :)

  6. awww i love these images, so lovely!!!!

  7. i love that last picture
    and that skirt
    i know where you live
    stealing your wardrobe and FONDUE
    i can't even
    this post
    full of win

  8. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend...yummy food and sweet boots!

  9. oh i love your boots so much!!!! and that food looks amazing :)

  10. Have fun in Florida!! Those boots are cute :) Looks like you had an eventful week!



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