Thursday, March 24, 2011

roll away your stone

  1. Yes, I am terrible for not updating for like...two weeks. Or something like that. I wore this outfit to an interview with Express. I asked my dad (of all people) what he thought about my outfit and all he could say was, "It's too gray." But that's okay. Oh, and did I mention, it was/is hailing, sleeting, raining, snowing after a brief spell of the 70's. Isn't that terrible? And I wore flats, too. Let's just say that I kind of sort of maybe slipped after getting off the bus to get home. Not. Fun.

  2. For all you sneakerheads/hypebeasts, check out my friend's clothing label, AIREAL APPAREL: Official Site & Tumblr.

    I don't know what the quote/phrase/saying means, but the heart is cute!
  3. During one of my (many) late night study/homework sessions (aka: I procrastinated), my dad made me a midnight snack! Also, can you believe that I fell asleep last night after a 15 minute nap around 2 a.m while doing my paper? I wrote the introduction. I woke up at 7 a.m (while having class in three hours) and churned out the fastest paper I ever wrote. I can't believe I pulled it off. Two words:

    NEVER. AGAIN. (Maybe.)
  4. I WENT SHOPPING. I KNOW. I KNOW. IT'S SO BAD. But here are my new babies! Tommy Hilfigier boots. They are awesome. I can't wait to wear them in the spring too. The best part about them? THEY HAVE TRACTION. So I can wear it out in the snow and frolic.
  5. Pink cropped sweater. Dove print blazer. Pink lace dress. Mint green and pink skirts. I can't wait for spring.

Now I have to sew skirts for a performance on Saturday. At least I don't have class tomorrow. So tell me about your week, you guys! I'm super curious! SERIOUSLY. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR WEEK. Or I'll cry. And that's totally not cool. 

Outfit Details:
short sleeve blazer - Moschino
gray speckled shirt - Forever 21
trousers - Urban Outfitters
black flats - Seychelles


  1. every time i only just make a deadline i say never again - but i never learn! I really like the first outfit, i think one colour outfits with lots of shades can work really well :) x

  2. is it wrong that i saved the image of you holding that pattern that will be fixed into a lovely skirt and i zoomed all the way in JUST to see what is on your dresser?
    you're too cute, boo.

  3. oh i love your blazer and those high waisted pants look so great on you!!! and those boots are seriously awesome, shoes with traction are totally a must when there is snow around!!

  4. Those pants are awesome! I just bought a pair like them from H&M actually, haha. This look is so cute, and totally interview appropriate. Hope it went well!
    Also, all of the things you bought look SO adorable. Jealous!

  5. Cute outfit, I love your Dove Print Blazer!!!! ♥

    The Cat Hag


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