Sunday, September 12, 2010

Renegade Blogger Meetup and Fashion's Night Out 2010

This post is quite image-heavy, so be prepared!

So on my way to the Renegade Blogger Meetup, I ran into Jasmine (Transient Withdrawal) on the train station platform. Although I'm a New York City native, I was quite perplexed at this mythical part of Central Park called Sheep's Meadow. We both made our way there, but not before stopping for a hot dog and some tea! It was such a fabulous event. We networked, met some of our favorite bloggers, and even partook in the vain event of shooting each other's daily outfit photos.

Also, a BIG BIG BIG thank you to Yenaldys (Out of Season Face) who baked us delicious red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Isn't she the sweetest thing ever?

Adeline (Lady Croissant) and Jacob (JCup). These two are way too cute and energetic! And I did I mention that I loved Jacob's sequined blazer? Jacob pointed out the poor fellow (pictured below) who we thought totally deserved to join us at the meet up (and even have his own blog) because of his fashionable shorts. I apologize for the quality of the picture. I had to zoom in and crop it since he was quite far away.

 Rebecca (The Clothes Horse) and her adorable owl bag. I'm sure she'll have a post soon featuring that beauty. 
 Erin (Cali Vintage) and Catie (Cuffington). I love Catie's Miu Miu blouse!

Elizabeth (Delightfully Tacky) and Annie (Time Enough For Drums) chowing down on some cupcakes!
The adorable Nicole (Thoreaus Neckbeards).
Two of Erin's tattoos. So awesome. I've always wanted a tattoo (and I plan on getting one on my 18th birthday, which is this Monday! Yay!).
Haha, these candid photos are quite funny - especially because of Elizabeth in this one!
Yenaldys (Out of Season Face), Tieka (Selective Potential), and I doing a classic Myspace-esque group photo! We should start doing our Daily Outfit posts like this, right? Just kidding!
Kim (Eat. Sleep. Wear). She's such an awesome girl. She's totally down-to-earth and super funny.
Emily of (It Girl, Rag Doll) She's so cute. And she's from Long Island, which is close to Queens, haha. I'd also like to thank her because she's the one that shot my outfit photos. She did an AMAZING job, even though I look spastic in most of them. That's my fault though; I think I was trying to hump the air or do some mock-Playboy poses (thank goodness she didn't manage to capture those). She (and other bloggers that were viewing my awkward attempt at posing) were making me laugh too hard!

Danielle (Antiquated Treasures), I'm pretty sure!
Lucy (Dear Fish Vintage) and Annie! (I love Lucy)'s boots. I definitely need a pair for this fall/winter.
___ and Lynzy (From Skirts To Skillets) precariously perched upon the rocks that Lynzy almost fell off of!

Adeline and Jacob being silly!

Rebecca and Kim (who's speaking passionately about something - blogging, perhaps?)
Christina (Trop Rouge) and Diya (In Her Stilettos) talking about rings!
Hannah(left), Agnes (Agnieskia), Landon(right) (Hannah and Landon). They're such gorgeous people; it was like a dream, being able to see them in person - especially Hannah! She looks like some sort of fairy tale princess, haha.
Emily and Hannah are always so picture perfect!
Haha, the red balloons were attacking Annie!

I also LOVED Merl (Clyde's Rebirth). She was so fun to talk to and joke around with and she's really much more youthful than the age she is. Michelle (Arabella's Fireflies) was also such a lovely girl. She's only a year younger than I am, so I felt better about being only 17-almost-18 in a group of 20s to 30-something year olds.

Around 3:00PM, Christina and Diya and I decided to leave the meetup so that Christina could head back to her friend's hotel and Diya could grab some food in Chinatown as we headed towards SoHo. Before we got to the train station, however, we decided it was time for an impromptu photoshoot (which you can check out on Diya (In Her Stilettos) and Christina (Trop Rouge)'s blog (their links are listed above under the picture of them). I decided to do a little 'behind the scenes' coverage.
Christina's gorgeous sequined Coach bag. Is it just me or are sequins a big trend now? (see: Jacob's sequined blazer)
Diya with her noodles and hotsauce.
My DIY tote from Forever 21. Notice the placement of the studs. I'm so lewd and vulgar. :(
An American Apparel representative was handing out free underwear! I scored a pair of tighty whities which were, luckily, in my size.
My friend Marianna.
Me and Michelle (Necessitant)

I hung out with Michelle's friends after Diya left. I didn't get anything after Diya left, but I did manage to score some pretty awesome stuff like my first pair of real heels from H&M! (All thanks to Diya's influence). I got a bag and a blue solid (which I need more of - solids, that is. Not blue) shirt from Forever 21, and an oversized lavender cardigan and jeggings from American Apparel. And I just purchased a pair of cowboy boots from Nine West for only $60! That's much cheaper than what the stores were charging.

Outfit Details:
plaid heart blazer - Topshop
blue tank top - Old Navy
teal skirt - Forever 21
belt - Forever 21
purple canvas sneakers- Vans
red balloons - thanks to Rebecca (The Clothes Horse)&Erin (Cali Vintage)

Whew! What a post. I couldn't identify everyone or take pictures of them, so I've decided to make a masterlist of everyone that gave me their contact information at the blogger meetup. Check out their links! (Also, if I mislabeled a blogger or if I didn't label them and I shot them individually, please feel free to drop a comment or email me at: and correct me!)


  1. EEEEP. so much fun! <333

  2. Oh my goodness, sorry for spelling my url wrong! I regret making my url so different from my blog name, ahh! Anyway, you took such lovely photos of the event, and it looks like you had a lot of fun at fashion's night out! It was so great to meet you, and thanks for taking my outfit photos! :)

  3. looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  4. ahh, i wish i could've gone! however the trip from the uk might have been quite pricey....

  5. Oh wow you are so lucky to have been able to meet all of those inspirational bloggers! Absolutely everyone looked amazing. I can't comment on it all :)

  6. wow i am envying all your girls :(

    i read about this in Lucy Dear Fish and also in Nicole's blog which eventually lead me to yours

    blogging brings people together YAY to that ♥

    nice to know you

    I am Jasmine

  7. i wish i would gone man so much fun and beautiful ladies! love your outfit

    nice blog first time on your blog

  8. Hi Julia, it was lovely meeting you on friday! You're absolutely adorable!

  9. It was such a pleasure meeting you! I am glad you enjoyed my cupcakes :) and you have such lovely photos.

  10. Oh my god you did such an amazing job documenting the whole blogger meetup!

  11. loved meeting you! you're getting a shoutout on my blog post tomorrow! hope you enjoyed the rest of NYFW!


  12. Aw, it was amazing to meet you at the meetup girl! Awesome photos!


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