Friday, September 24, 2010

Food Junkie Diaries

(Quite image heavy!)

On this particular day, my friend Amrita (Quelle Dommage) and I were a bit too self-indulgent and gluttonous. We spent the entire day eating and exploring our wonderful home city. I even documented every morsel that we decided to intake. 

Some dudes dressed up in their medieval get-up. We saw them more than once. I think they were lost.
So our first stop was supposed to be this sushi place that Amrita suggested, but it was still closed by the time we got there (around 12. I guess everything in St. Marks tends to open later) ,so we headed into this amazing dessert bar. I'm so glad I got to eat dessert before lunch.

Through the day, I kept giving Amrita these brain-wrecking 'Yes or No' riddles. It was pretty funny seeing her get frustrated over it.
Amrita ordered a raspberry tea sorbet with coconut macaroons on the side.
I ordered a condensed milk icecream with passion fruit foam.
...And we ordered a vanilla almond coconut cupcake (Amrita) and almond and nutella macaroon cookie (mine).
My condensed milk icecream mixed with the macaroon cookie was absolutely AMAZING. One was sweet and the other was even sweeter! But mixed with the passion fruit foam? It was the perfect balance to the cookie and the icecream due to its tartness. I have quite a sweet tooth. I think that's why I have so many fillings from my younger years.

Pomme Frites, Belgian fries
If you're ever in St. Marks, you definitely need to check out Pomme Frites. They serve authentic Belgian fries with an assortment of eccentric sauces - like mango mayo (pictured above). So delicious. And this serving size was a SMALL! Amrita and I shared it and we were both full already. We were barely able to finish it.

And then off to Japanese food!

I loved the skylight in this otherwise dimly lit establishment.
My all-time favorite dessert place!
I love these cookies, but I favor Blueberry and Cream more!
Amrita and I ended going to Momofuku Milk Bar where I introduced her to their quirky cereal milk soft serve and I got my delicious cookies. Afterward, we ended up exploring more of the small stores around the area and finally heading to the Lush store in Union Square and purchasing matching Geo Phyzz bath bombs. These things are heavenly. I hadn't lain in the tub, soaking in the goodness of the bath bomb. Plus, I'm a little kid at heart. I was sort of giddy about watching that thing fizzing in the water once I dropped it in! All in all, an awesome day.

Outfit Details:
black dress by Kookai - my mother's closet
lace flats- Urban Outfitters
oversized bag - Forever 21


  1. Oh my goodness, this sounds like such a fun day! That desert place looks delightful! I've walked past Pomme Frites a few times while by St. Marks but never went in. I definitely want to try all these places now! :)

  2. Everything looks absolutely yummy! I had no idea there was such thing as Belgian fries, they look like British 'chips' or fries as you would call them!

    Oh and yes it's freezing in the UK at the moment! Time to pile on the layers. Also, too bad about your mooncake!


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