Monday, September 27, 2010

And She's Watching Him With Those Eyes (Glee tomorrow!)

I know I'm not the only one that loves Glee! I couldn't help pump myself up for tomorrow night by listening to Jessie's Girl, one of my favorite songs, ever. I sort of think of it like an 80's version of Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne, haha, except not really (I'm bad with analogies). My dad and I argue on which sounds better - the original by Rick Springfield, or the one by Finn (Cory Monteith). He likes Rick Springfield (of course), due to his affinity for anything from the 80's, and I (naturally) go for Cory Monteith's cover. I just can't wait!

Right! As for my outfit (Please ignore my horrible posture. I like to slouch). Well, unfortunately, I don't have much luck with heels! I bought these Nine West beauties at DSW for $49.99, a markdown from their original $69.99. Best deal ever? I think so! Of course, with my luck, (I'm a rather clumsy person) the day I decided to wear these, we had an impromptu fire drill at my college. As I was teetering down the main stairs (where the entire school could see), I fell down a couple of steps, tore my tights, and scraped my knee! Of course, I laughed it off...along with a good other hundred of my classmates. Haha. It was pretty funny, in retrospect. And worst of all: I scuffed one of the shoes! Now I'll have to try to find some brown polish to cover it up. I still haven't recovered my pride from that fall to wear these oxford pumps at school yet. So, I'll just resort to using them for dinner outings with my family and other special occasions!

YAY, GLEE TOMORROW. Okay, that's enough of my fan girling.
Outfit Details:
printed dress - Forever 21
brown cardigan - DKNY
black tights - Hue
Nine West oxford pumps - DSW

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  1. haha here we call it the Gleek phenomenal , i like that show especially the songs featured in it but i never like the character Racheal , i find her pretty uptight and irritating. I think the character i like most in the show is Kurt

    that shoe is such a steal ! i would love to find a pair like that


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