Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who needs a sister to share clothes with? I've got a brother (or two)!

I don't have a sister in my family, so female apparel is rather scarce in my house. However, I find myself so much more comfortable in my brothers' clothes that I often end up raiding their closet for pieces that I've been eying. Luckily for me, they're not too attentive to what's missing and I get away with keeping their comfy shirts in my own closet.

I like to make silly faces.  I find it easier to avoid looking directly at the camera, mainly because I have a hard time controlling my expressions. I usually look like either a) a crazy cat lady, b) a lost dog, or c) a combination of both.

Today was raining and gross and muggy. What happened to chilly, cool, sunny fall weather, NYC? You're slacking!

Outfit Details:
Ralph Lauren plaid flannel button up - my brother's closet
striped Gap long sleeved thermal shirt - my brother's closet
black bicycle shorts - some inexpensive brand
black tights - Hue
beat up black canvas sneakers - Vans


  1. hehe, you are just like me! i always seem to be going into my fathers closet for bits and pieces.


  2. oh i love love this outfit!!! it makes me really wish i had a brother to steal clothes from!! the stripes and the plaid look so great together.

  3. I adore your pattern mixing! And so very colorfulll, I love it all! <3 I'd steal clothes from my brother but he is very tall and I would end up with silly looking dressies. :)

  4. This outfit is so cute!! Good thing for brothers hey? lol.


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