Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Behind every successful cat is an obedient owner."

Often I opt for outfits that provide comfort rather than go for outfits that are fashionable. Actually, I think half of what I wear doesn't make sense. I always tend to fall for kitschy pieces that never seem to go with anything I wear. And it's a shame because they're usually the most comfortable articles of clothing that I own. I actually hated this sweater, but it was a gift from my grandmother (I suppose old ladies always have an affinity for cats) and I can't help but keep this sweater for sentimental value.

I would also like to apologize for the lack of aesthetically pleasing features of my kitchen. And yes, that toaster is rather dirty. This is just a view of my typical morning. I often snap pictures of myself while my breakfast is cooking.

A ham sandwich with egg whites, tomatoes (with salt and pepper), and light mayo on whole wheat bread. Sometimes I make hash browns too (as you can see, I was a little too excited to eat the hash browns before taking a picture).

Outfit Details:
Cat sweater - gift from grandma
Blue tank top - old navy
Blue shorts - Converse
Blue slip on sneakers - Vans
Jade necklace, pearl necklace, gold ring - grandma's/family heirlooms

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  1. wow, my T-shirt just like your sweater :D


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