Monday, August 16, 2010

like the devil's got your hand

I was in such a rush this morning that I only managed to shoot one decent shot (and it didn't even show my shoes!). I've never managed to learn how to mix prints together, since I always end up looking like I got dressed in the dark (which I happen to do anyways, haha). But this outfit was a happy accident - where you had managed to accidentally paired two things together and they, to your surprise, managed to look decent, if not perfect. The florals and print of the skirt seem so different, yet so cohesive. To be honest, I absolutely hate that floral blouse. It's such an unflattering shape when it's not tucked in, and I had to roll up the sleeves to avoid looking too frumpy. But I think it's the similar color palette that helps me be able to actually like this outfit, haha.

I always admire those who can effortlessly pull off articles of clothing with contrasting patterns. I'm a bit of a mouse when it comes to such things; I often hate drawing attention to myself when it comes to what I wear. I suppose it has to do with some traumatic childhood stylings by my mother. I didn't come to appreciate what she made me wore back then (e.g. an electric blue leather jacket, a burn orange denim jack and jean matching suit, and other fashionable garments) while my peers were decked out in OshKosh and Gap.

Have you ever had moments where your outfits were "happy accidents"? If so, what was the surprising combination?

Outfit Details:
Floral blouse - Magazine from Century 21
Printed skirt - Fire from Century 21
brown woven belt - Hollister Co.
grey socks - grandmother's
beige patent flats (not pictured) - i forgot the designer

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  1. a really lovely outfit :)

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