Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fall/Winter 2010 Inspiration/Wish List

fall/winter 2010 inspirationFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
1. Moccasins - I actually had a pair, but I was running in them and

1. Moccasins - I actually owned a pair like a month ago, but I was running in them and tore a hole. :( So now I have to invest in a sturdier replacement.
2. Oxfords - I actually want a low heeled one, mainly because it looks more feminine than ones without heels.
3. High heeled Mary Janes
4. Printed flats.
5. Western style boots.
6. Ballerina/Mary Janes flats.
7. Waist-length trench coat.
8. Turtle neck sweaters
9. Military styled jackets
10. Capes.
11. Aztec blouse. Just bought.
12. Lace t-shirt
13. Dark wash jeans/leggings
14. Cotton pants with tapered legs.
15. Mens-styled/sheer blouses
16. Sweater vests/knit vests.
17. Lace skirts. Just bought.
18. Assorted socks - ankle, knee, thigh highs, tights. I really really am entertaining the idea of layering socks. I've been experimenting with wearing tights, layering thigh highs, knee socks, and ankle socks together to create depth to the outfit. 

I really want to stay in a muted, sort of powdery color palette. To sort of channel the ethereal feeling I always have during the fall and winter season. It feels sort of magical. I've been previewing the fall 2010 collections by designers, too, and found some of my favorites.

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