Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Hello, my name is Julia and this is my blog. I did have an older one, but someone had overtaken my Gmail account and I no longer have access to it. So, for now, I'll start afresh.  

I loved menswear pieces. I love them so much that I constantly invade my father's (and brother's) closet for pieces to call my own. My father has a whole collection of fine designer items that he has no care for, since my mother had purchased them all, so I help myself to some of the things that I feel like wearing, even though he's on the hefty side. Though, I do dislike trousers. They never seem to fit me right. So, I suppose, for now, I'll stick to wearing my father's clothes.

Can you tell that I'm already wishing for the fall? I find myself always wanting the opposite seasons (e.g: when it's winter, I crave for the summer). It's still August here, but I find myself wanting the sunny, windy disposition of the fall months because I am a fall baby. Earlier today, I had managed to place an order on Urban Outfitters for some clothes, so I hope they'll arrive soon. I'm scared of shopping online, mainly because I'm too lazy to send things back if it doesn't fit, resulting in my closet always being a mess and full and horribly disorganized.

Outfit Details:
Georgio Armani cardigan - father's closet
Ralph Lauren button up shirt - father's closet
(I forgot the brand) brown belt - brother's closet
black headband - Forever 21
tights - Ricky's (got them during concert when it got too cold)
pearl necklace - grandmother's

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