Thursday, August 26, 2010

Forgotten Jewelry

I rarely wear jewelry that do not tell a specific story or do not have any sentimental value to me. Sure, they may be pretty and they may accentuate my outfit, but my jewelry is mine and mine only. They were given to me as gifts and, more often than not, passed down to me from my grandmother. Pictured above are purple jade pieces of a bracelet (that had just broke the hour before this picture was taken), a dime bracelet (made out of real dimes; most of the dimes are incredibly old, dating as far back as 1920s), a golden 'heart' ring, a gold band (inscribed with my paternal grandmother and grandfather's initials; it was my grandfather's wedding ring), and a silver Marc Jacobs latin ring.

The two gold rings and dime bracelet were all my grandparents' jewelry. They were my grandmothers - all except for the gold band. It was my grandfather's wedding band, inscribed with their initials. I had found all of these pieces of jewelry in a glass jar in the basement one day as I was doing laundry and waiting for the dryer to finish - long forgotten and collecting dust.

My only 'silver' piece of jewelry is a Marc Jacobs' latin ring. It says Serva Me Servabote - "save me and I will save you". I've always wanted to fix people who seemed broken - people who look like they need a friend, or someone to make them smile. And I would always hope that they did the same for me. I need all of my relationships - whether they are romantic or platonic - to be a relationship that revolves around equality. What I do for you, I expect you to do for me if I ever find myself in need. Plus, I always think everyone needs a little 'saving' in their lives.

Not pictured above are a pearl necklace, also my grandmother's, and my father's jade necklace, shaped as a dragon as seen here, in a previous post.

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