Monday, August 30, 2010

say goodbye to my heart tonight

Earlier this week, it was absolutely freezing. I believe it was somewhere in the 60s, and in August of all months. It was fun, though. I prefer the cooler temperatures of fall to the scorching hot temperatures of summer - and speaking of such, it's been spiking up towards the 90s again. I started college, finally, and so far, it's quite interesting. I've met a ton of cool people, had some good and bad experiences in some of my classes, and I've begun sleeping in class (unintentionally, of course) and procrastinating already. And it's only two days into the school year, haha.

I don't miss high school at all. I know there was a certain comfort zone there, along with my second family - the track team, but it's time to move on. I'm maturing and I'm growing up (no matter how much I would like to deny it). I know I'll always be a kid at heart, but life is about experiences. I need to grow up to experience to good things and the bad things of life. I just hope that it'll be kind to me.

Most of my clothing have been with me for a good number of years - like these jeans this DKNY jacket. These jeans are roughly a year old, but I've had a great deal of memories in them. I bought them upstate in Lake George while my best friend and I were on a trip to visit some colleges that we were applying to. And this jacket represents all the rainy days and cold winter days that I would refuse to wear anything other but this and a sweatshirt. I tend to abuse this jacket in the fall and the winter. Each piece of clothing in my closet can be associated with an event that includes my friends and family. And without realizing, when I really miss them the most, I tend to incorporate the most memorable articles of clothing into my day to day outfit. I miss my best friends, my track team, and my boyfriend. I miss the comforts of inside jokes, saying 'hello' to my favorite teachers, and being able to retreat to the Publications Office to skip class and work on the yearbook. I miss everything and everything about the past, but I'm ready to embrace the future.

I'm a very go-with-the-flow kind of girl. I believe everything happens for a reason. I just hope that the flow is leading me the right way.

Outfit Details:
green military jacket - DKNY
aztec print blouse - Urban Outfitters
outer space tanktop - Staccato from Century 21
jeans - Bullhead from Pacsun

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