Monday, February 14, 2011

the two sides of monsieur valentine

Since I'm posting this, you can probably guess that my new camera lens finally came after I broke the old ones. And I am actually quite melodramatic. But in secret. I like to write poetry. Rough, free form "poetry", if it even deserves such a grand word. I decided I should share with you guys. Because sharing is caring and I really care about you all. I mean, that definitely explains the gif I made.

The Artisan of Repair
Acknowledge my smile, return it,
Yet love is still deferred by the glass planes
Of your ribs, guarding your heart from my greedy hands.

Like a serpent’s tongue my own seeks its home,
Behind my lips that belong against yours,
That taste of fruit from the garden of Eden.

I cannot help that glutton plagues me
Of the lust and love of your throbbing pulse,
Satiate my wanton needs and my aching veins.

Desperately I cried, like the watchmaker,
Whose palpitations become erratic when he has no business,
And when he cannot fix something so simple as the cadence of his own heart.

I suppose it's a bit depressing for Valentine's Day, but can never find myself writing about the kind of romance we see in movies. It doesn't happen like that! I don't have a Valentine this year, but that's okay! I mean, today is about showing your love for people you care about and I care about my family and my friends and every single one of you that actually take time out of your day to read what I write and comment. It means so so so much to me. Especially because it lets me know that I'm not talking (typing?) to myself. That'd just make me seem more crazy than I already am.

You can thank my mother for today's ensemble. I mean, she didn't dress me, but the dress and blouse are hers. As you can tell, it's very reminiscent of the 80's era. I found this blouse a while ago and I've been saving it for Valentine's Day to wear it. It seemed appropriate! I mean, I already dress like a gaudy displaced grandma-in-a-young-adult's-body. I hope everyone enjoyed cute little cookies and candies and chocolates! And even if you don't have a Valentine, I'll be yours! ♥

LOVELOVE (seriously), JULIA.
Outfit Details:
vintage printed heart blouse - Clara Collins
vintage printed black dress - Kookai
black tights - Hue
black flats - Seychelles


  1. The poem that you wrote is beautiful, Julia. I can dig it! The outfit is also wonderful. Your mum has great taste; the dress is lovely! Happy Valentine's Day!
    --Ciara :)

  2. I LOVE your poetry. Especially the last verse, it's beautiful. You should definitely share more. And there is nothing wrong with a little sadness in the meaning today, any emotion worth sharing is worth expressing like this! jazzy ♥


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