Wednesday, February 16, 2011

out through the curtain

my imaginary (more than) friend.
as silence escapes
your quivering, timid lips,
my valves desist (they are rebellious).

but like the dark birds
that depart to seek refuge,
(there is none) they return to proper order.

and again, i am
at peace with myself-
with the world and with your empty reflection.

it is my red chest
(not my heart) that pains me so.
and the hired help refuses to answer my calls.

postmortem, shallow;
used to define what is left
of the shell that sits, lonely, on my dresser.

i find no answer
for the questions you don’t ask.
yet your eyes cast down, as if i disappoint.

(let’s pray that this passes.)

Thanks for the great feedback on my poetry in the last post. I decided I'll randomly put them in posts where I don't have much to talk about. Or in my photography posts where I don't want to ruin the whole artsy feeling with my cacophonous rambling.

I've sort of been really into the whole wearing pants thing. Maybe it's because I love being able to walk up stairs without flashing someone by accident. Or because I get to run and frolic around my college campus like a freak because I'm super fun. You guys are probably sick of seeing these pants and this denim shirt, but I really needed a super comfy outfit for my lazy days at school, especially since I'm participating in a play for the Filipino club I joined (even though I'm not Filipino, haha) and we need to practice dance numbers. They're having something called Battle of the Barrios, and I'm a bit nervous. It sounds like super fun though!

This'll be a super short post because I actually have an essay I should be doing (due tomorrow). I have a love-hate relationship with procrastination.


Outfit Details:
denim shirt - Hotkiss thrifted from Buffalo Exchange
burnout white shirt - Urban Outfitters
DIY tapered cargo pants - Old Navy
brown moccasins - Minnetonka
brown belt - Anthropologie
brown bag - Urban Outfitters


  1. wow! that shirt is great. and yes it would be great to see yo again. that blogger meet up last season was so great, a beautiful day with so may cute girls!

  2. That shirt is so cool! And I am loving those skinny cargo pants! That's one trend I haven't tried yet, but I so want to.
    And my goodness, you are SUCH a talented writer, Julia. Seriously. That poem is wonderful. I haven't posted any of my poetry on my blog in a long time, mainly because I'm self conscious about it. I'm so very happy you've decided to post yours though :)
    And hey hey hey, let's go to the flea market sometime! :)

  3. great outfit , and i like your lips xD

  4. love the outfit - chambray shirts and cargo pants pair together so nicely.

    happy friday!

    xo denj

  5. i actually wore an outfit similar to this on friday LOL love the jacket!

    and sadly i'm joining outdoor. :T i'm being forced to . aha. i think the team hates me now, actually the boys team.. and its weird cause i quit indoor for GIRLS. weirdos.


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