Wednesday, January 21, 2015

back(pack) to school

the B A C K P A C K 
You know the feeling of rushing home right after you've checked your shipping confirmation and status 2349023483 times throughout the day, hoping that no one has stolen your package? The feeling of wanting to rip through all that packaging to finally coddle with what you rightfully paid for?

WELLLLL, that was me for the entire day. While at work, I couldn't wait to go home and ravenously open my package and cuddle with it get the idea. I suppose it's one of those things that Millennials have to suffer through because of our need for instant gratification. After searching high and low for the perfect back for school (you know, one that could actually withstand all of the things I want to stuff in it) I ordered the backpack after finding it randomly from a pin on Pinterest and after browsing the site, I just had to have it.

I was a little skeptical because it's a fairly unknown Korean brand and it was my first time ordering from this site: MochiThings. I ordered it on January 12th and received it today, January 21st, so it was about a week and a half of anticipation. The whole time I was wondering and dreaming about my backpack and hoped that it lived up to my expectations. 

the I N S I D E S & O U T S I D E S

It arrived in a nondescript shipping box with no fillers or waste-of-space foam. The backpack is contained in a cute little plastic bag, which looks like it'd be very useful for storage and keeping the backpack dust free if you're not using it very often. The inside of the backpack is a light pink, with assorted compartments to let you organize to your heart's content. The back compartment is slightly padded with a little velcro strap, perfect for protecting any slim electronics -- such as a laptop or tablet. The main compartment is roomy and fits a three subject and one subject notebook, an expandable folder, and a one inch binder along with two personal planners and a pencil case. 

There's two tiers of sewn-in pockets on the front inside of the backpack, with spaces to fit your pens, assorted supplies and random things that just have no place. The front of the backpack has two zippered compartments - the top one for smaller things such as your cards, money, or wallet, and the bottom is a larger space for things such as your phone, or pencil case, or makeup case, or, really, just things you need to grab quickly. Plus it has a really cute and large tassel which makes it easier to unzip.

Now if you're bored of me rambling on about how much stuff it could fit, TL;DR it's really spacious without looking bulky.

the P L A N N E R 

The red planner is from Muji and the purple personal notebook/diary is from Poppin, which I purchased at my local staples. I like to carry two notebooks because I have a problem and I like to torture myself with carry tons of things.

No, just kidding.

The red planner from Muji is specifically for planning and writing down exactly what I need to do and when I need to do it. It's perfect for keeping track of assignments, plans with friends, and important dates and functions. It's also where I like to write down my vacations and places that I've visited so if I ever look back, I'll know exactly what I did that day. I've used it for two years now and it's honestly my favorite planner ever. It's very minimalist so you can decorate it and easily make it your own. 

I like to separate my planner into little monthly tabs so I can flip through it easily with little highlighter-colored tabs. Makes my life a lot easier when I'm trying to jot things down quickly.

The purple planner is from Poppin which has delightful supplies which are ALL COLOR COORDINATED and they have EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW so if you're totally into that kind of thing, it's the perfect place for you. I, however, am not that cool and I also have a short attention span, so all of my supplies will never have a matching color scheme. (So all you Type-A personalities...check it out!!! You can match E V E R Y T H I N G).

I use this mostly to doodle or jot down random ideas and musings and thoughts and try to express myself in a better way than shoving chips into my mouth angrily. Or especially when I'm bored in class. Mostly that.

(and the rest are just random knicknacks and pens and stuff I always carry with that safety scissor. it's safe AND convenient)

And I also decided to make a video of all of my supplies fitting into my bag because I was honestly that excited about it.

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