Tuesday, August 9, 2011

summer in the hamptons.

crochet lace jumper - american apparel // brown belt - levi's
denim shorts - american apparel // hat - american apparel

I miss having time to actually compose an outfit post with thought into it, rather than just standing there and snapping some quick shots! Unfortunately, time doesn't allow me to do so, so I'll have to settle for days when I wake up three hours early before work. And how scandalous! It's a jumper that's open knit. Fortunately, it isn't that sheer where you can see my boobs, so I ended up just wearing a nude bra underneath. Simple solutions brought to you by Julia! Except it doesn't match my skin tone anymore because of all the days I've spent at the beach. I'm about six shades darker now. It's pretty awesome.

Last weekend (or so, I forgot), I took a quiet trip to the Hamptons (which is only a short LIRR trip away -- for those who aren't familiar with the acronym, LIRR stands for Long Island Rail Road) with my friend where we walked around town, did some shopping, biked, and mostly just went to the beach. I love that gelato. I got pear and banana. Pear was delicious. Banana, as well, but it was a little too fragrant for my liking. I have to try hazelnut next time. There's a Sant Ambroeus conveniently located in Manhattan, too, but I hate waiting on lines. After getting gelato, we just walked around the little village and explored the artwork there. Unfortunately, I was having too much fun to actually document much of my little getaway,but I love well-deserved weekend excursions.

until next time!

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