Thursday, August 4, 2011

fairweather friend.

 illustrated chiffon oversized button up in Beaver Lake - American Apparel // belt - Levis
brown cutout flats - H&M // light wash jean shorts - Amercican Apparel

 This chiffon shirt is surprisingly lightweight. I wear it in 90 degree weather and I feel cool as ice. I think it has to do with the fact that I only wore a swimsuit top under it. Whatever suffices in this hot weather, right? I've been to the beach countless of times these past two weeks. Honestly! I'm about five shades darker and I couldn't be happier. I love being tan. I just hate the heat! I need to tan as much as I can, just due to the fact that it usually fades by the time winter comes around. I don't need to blend in with the snow!

The last two pictures were the only ones I managed to snap from Jones beach. My friend and I swan in the bay despite the "SWIMMING PROHIBITED" sign. There were so many minnows there! We just sat still in the shallow waters and let the fish nibble at our dead skin and skirt around us. It was super ticklish. And they're sort of cute. Afterwards, we headed towards the actual beach area. And on this particular day, we basically got battered by the waves. We would just stand still and get knocked down onto the sand. We got sand burned too. It was pretty brutal, but at least I got my skin exfoliated -- naturally, haha!

I can't believe school is just around the corner. In the midst of having so much fun (and working), I forgot to fill out my FAFSA! So if you're going to college in US, don't forget to fill it out, like I did! And if you haven't, do it as soon as possible. I need to write these things down...I have terrible memory!

until next time!


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