Tuesday, August 2, 2011

on the run.

 printed knee-length dress - Blue Plate // pumps - Urban Outfitters

 1. My favorite summer dress. If I could, I would wear it every day and everywhere. It's the perfect length and the perfect silhouette and the perfect fabric so I don't melt into oblivion. Seriously. It's so hot in NYC. The subways are terrifying. I feel like I'm suffocating. It kind of makes me feel like a picnic blanket. I wore this last year in October in the fall. I can't wait for fall. I love fall. SO. MUCH. By the way, I am so tan right now. SO. TAN.

2. My old SkullCandy earphones that I found collecting dust in the corner of my room. I love them. I don't care if it makes my head look huge and that it makes my ears sweat in this heat. I like to blast music until I'm deaf.

3. Strawberry & mint mojitos. Yesyesyesyesyes. So delicious.

4. & 5. Caught up with my BFF Amrita (who finally started her own blog: Suitcases & Silk which I implore you to check out). We had a delicious Italian dinner at our now-favorite pasta place that serves salad and bread with awesome butter. I love butter. And cheese. and carbs. Mmmm. I'm salivating right now. You don't even know.

6. A subway terminal I was standing in. Guess what's at the bottom left hand corner of that door? A rat. Just kidding. Not only one rat. A whole family of rats. Usually I'm not so skeeved out by them because they're at the bottom of the tracks, but these were right on the platform with me and they were running towards me. I moved away immediately. They're HUGE. The size of a cat, I kid you not.

until next time!


  1. OMG RATSSSS. D: how is it that you always see the families and i don't. :'( you already know i love your pics, so i'm not gonna keep talking about how much i love them and your camera...i'm not.

    <3 REETAH

  2. I can see why that's your favorite summer dress - it's awesome! I love the pattern, and it looks super light and breezy :)


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