Monday, July 25, 2011

midnight blue & midnight premieres!

black belt - vintage // black platform pumps - jeffrey campbell
printed aztec dress - forever 21

 Just a compiled post of a work outfit and what my friends and I did for the midnight premiere of HP7 part 2! We played 'dress-up' (I decided to be really 80's), made our own version of Butterbeer (did you know that they put real butter in butterbeer....? we didn't do that because A) it was about 100 degrees and B) you had to melt the butter...which is kind of gross), and painted our nails. My house is, obviously, a Hufflepuff, so that's the theme I decided to go with for my nails.

Oh, and the butterbeer was really good in a grossly sweet sickening way! Did anyone else watch the movie yet? I obviously prefer the books, but the movies are great to watch as well. I kind of felt like it was rushed, though. It's so hard trying to discuss the movie without spoiling it for people who haven't read the books or watched it yet!

until next time!


  1. Ahh, I'm so bummed I missed the midnight premier! I actually still haven't seen it since I just got back from vacation, whoops. Anyway, I love your outfit! The different shades of blue are just so pretty. I actually had a butterbeer at Harry Potter world when I went and it was sooo yummy!

  2. the second picture, bottom-up, i laughed too hard at.
    love your nails, lovely!

  3. That blue has been slowly working it's way into my closet. I love it on you. I haven't seen HP yet, but I can't wait for when I do.

    Audrey W.

  4. Omg butterbeer! I have to try this now haha love the blue skirt btw


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