Friday, July 22, 2011


cotton spandex jersey crop tee in coral - american apparel // high-waisted jean shorts - american apparel
belt - vintage // pumps - urban outfitters // aztec print bag - urban outfitters

 It's too hot to think about anything. Except food. I love food. It's so hot I don't want to think about anything anymore. Another work outfit. Of course, it would only make sense, since I'm there about....95% of the time. I love crop tops, especially with high-waisted things. And this crop top doesn't make me feel self conscious. Which means I get to stuff my face while wearing it. YAY.

Thank goodness I'm blessed with the modern-day convenience of air conditioning. Of course, the sweltering sidewalks and subway stations don't help. Especially since the train takes forever to come and I feel like I'm choking and I'm sweating so much that it looked like I took a dip in the pool. I hope everyone stays cool wherever you are! I'm just looking forward to the fall...

until next time!

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