Thursday, July 7, 2011

rooftop inclinations

bluestone sateen sleeveless crop button up -- american apparel // vintage black belt
floral chiffon skirt -- american apparel // black platform pumps -- jeffrey campbell
bikini and matching bottoms in rhymer lilac -- american apparel
 artichoke pizza. 

The whole black + pastels color combination is becoming one of my favorites lately. I apologize for the graininess of the outfit photos. The lighting in my room is odd, so my photos always come out slightly terrible. Or maybe that's just an excuse for me to get a new camera. Saving up money is hard. Especially when there's so much good food to be eaten! Did I ever mention how much I love my Jeffrey Campbell shoes? They're my second pair of heels, but they are my favoritefavoritefavorite because 1) they're comfortable, and 2) I never tripped in these shoes. Ever.

My friends and I went tanning and swimming at her sister's rooftop pool. It's definitely a lot hotter when you're fourteen stories up in the air. We spent the day baking in the sun, swimming, fawning over Annie Lebovitz's photography (which my friend bought for $15 on the way to the pool) and eatingeatingeating.

As you can tell, I couldn't resist anything that contains sugar. And oh my goodness. Artichoke pizza is one of my favorite things in the world. You don't understand. As much as I hate all those weird veggies (brussel sprouts, artichoke, etc), artichoke spinach is heaven. It's huge. It's thick. It's creamy. It's like artichoke and spinach dip baked onto a pizza. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

I hope everyone's enjoying their summer! I know I am. It seems like it's passing by so quickly. I'm definitely not looking forward to the school year. I'm such a lazy soul. And if it's not summer for'll get your chance!

until next time!


  1. Ow, you look so adorable! The outfit is so sweet! Also love your bikini, I'm still looking for one
    -.-" and urgent XD

    Also wonderful pictures =D

    xxx London

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    Thanks! kisses, Marti! ;DDDDD
    Glamour Marmalade

  3. so much love for your floral skirt - it's so pretty! i love pastels and black too (:


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