Wednesday, July 6, 2011

fort totten.

brown tank top - Forever 21 // pink button up tank top - H&M
brown belt - Hollister Co. // floral shorts - ?? //  brown cutout flats - H&M

Another biking adventure! I think this is my favorite summer biking outfit so far. It's floral and the colors are happy and I'm wearing printed shorts! My favorite! My friends and I biked around the neighborhood and ate dinner. Afterwards, we decided to go on another adventure to Fort Totten. During the day, it's beautiful, especially the docks that surround the former army installation.

However, when my friends and I decided to venture here...well, the sun was setting rapidly and the old abandoned buildings spooked us. We're convinced it's haunted, especially since I convinced my friends to show me the run down buildings. We saw some shadows of people that didn't existed, and got paranoid as we heard some bushes rustling and branches breaking. I dared them to run up and touch the front door of a particular abandoned building, which was lit by a park light. However, right as they stepped up on the porch, the light went out! We immediately left the park, running to the safety of my friend's car.

I think I'll be back there soon this summer. Hopefully, I'll be a little more brave next time. Does anyone have any spooky stories that they'd like to share?

until next time!


  1. I love your new layout! :) and damn yo, of course you would want to see the run down bulidings lmao

  2. love the print of your shorts!! nice photos too!



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