Wednesday, August 10, 2011

rings and things.

 1. ring from American Eagle Outfitters // 2. ring from Forever 21 // 3. watch from Casio.
black belt - vintage // brown moccasins - Minnetonka

I'm usually not one to wear jewelry. I've highlighted my jewelry in a post almost one year ago, and I'd still like to think I feel the same way. Although the recently acquired jewelry might not be family heirlooms, they still serve a rather sentimental meaning to me.

The first knot ring is just to remind me of all of my friendships and how I hope that they'll always be forever -- sort of like a forever knot ring except not romantically linked! The koi fish ring is just a little symbol of my culture. Koi fish are regarded as lucky by the Chinese, and I've had my fair share of koi fish as pets. And the watch? be honest, this one is just for more of a practical reason. I used to wear watches all the time when I was a kid (you know, before thirteen year olds had iPhones and everything), and I just like the habit of being able to check my wrist instead of searching through my bottomless back for my cellphone (Sony Ericsson W200i. Circa 2007. Yep. I still have it. No, I don't have internet or apps or anything like that.).

I love shorts but they always give me this awkward creasing on my crotch area. Oh yeah, I'm wearing a crop top. SCANDALOUS! But I love that truffle color. It's my favorite. I think I'm going to wear it all fall. And winter. Unless I'm freezing and I end up in my sweats from high school. Yep...I think that's going to work out well.

A few days ago, I took a family friend of mine around New York City to show her around and met up with my friend Amrita of Suitcases and Silk. Because of the rain, we didn't get to do much besides walk around SoHo, get a little shopping done, and have a meal at one of my mom and I's favorite restaurant -- Spring Street Natural Restaurant.

It's this quaint little place that's always packed (unless you get lucky on an empty day, like we did). The food is all organic and healthy and delicious and the prices are extremely decent for dining in SoHo. For lunch we each paid less than $15! Of course, I had to be special and have some natural ginger ale and tack on a couple more dollars, but it was delicious and good so I didn't really mind! This place is great for vegetarians and even meat-lovers like me. Seriously. So. Delicious. I'm salivating right now. Plus, who doesn't love a place that has a bread basket (which I forgot to take a picture of, as always, because I'm too busy stuffing my face).

And it's still weird to see myself without braces even though it's been over a month. So this is a vainglorious picture of me. My smile is still weird. I've been practicing though. This was taken when my dad was filling the car with gas at the gas station. He tried to intervene and get in the picture but I said no because he's not pretty enough to be on the internet. Just kidding! Okay. Bye!

until next time!


  1. cute outfit and i love how your rings are symbolic :) x

  2. Crop tops are the best! And the color of yours is wonderful. It always looks like you're doing such fun stuff! :)


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