Friday, June 3, 2011

memorial day weekend recap.

I. Cinnabon at a New Jersey rest stop.
who can resist the hot melty sweet icing-y goodness of a CINNABON?! NO ONE. that's who.
which is why i ate it in about....two minutes. i scalded my tongue. it was worth it.

II. group photo #1 out of #203924.
just kidding. we didn't take that many. okay. we did. sort of. don't judge.
i had to set the self timer and put my camera on top of a television.
improvising. i'm good at that.

outfit details (on me): aztec print dress - forever 21 // flipflops - old navy

III. had awesome seafood.
1. awesome sign.
2. crab & shrimp cake sandwich. SO DELICIOUS.
3. blue potato chip.
4. happy because i'm about to have some lunch.
or maybe because i had some alcohol.
IV. went on a ferris wheel.
saw the beach from the ferris wheel.
felt safer because if the ferris wheel broke down, we would fall onto sand.
less impact = less splatter = less dead.

V. got sundaes.
funnel fries (like funnel cake but fry form), chocolate icecream, butter
pecan icecream, vanilla icecream, whipped cream, fudge, caramel,
banana, cherry, a billion calories but who cares.

oh and a funny sign warning you about seagull attacks.
funny story: we walked out of the store with our sundaes to go back to our hotel
and when my friend walks a little away from us, seagulls start to circle around
her, trying to divebomb for her food. note to everyone: don't mess with seagulls.

VI. saw my worst fear by the pool
fun fact about julia: i have a fear of birds.
i hate birds. so much. especially pigeons. they're the devil.

i asked for extra sugar.

VIII. amusement park at night.

IX. brunch omg brunch!!
my favorite meal of the day.
bacon, feta & spinach omelet, homefries, rye bread, white bread.

X. went to the beach
thought an octopus tried to kill was just my friend's arm. 
we got assaulted by the waves. no, more like domestically abused.
seriously. it was fun, though. also, sand gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

on me: bathing suit from Polo Ralph Lauren

XI. saw interesting things at a candy store.

 So over Memorial Day weekend, I got to spend a weekend away with my friends in Wildwood, NJ! It's sort of Jersey's version of Coney Island, except with better rides and a nicer beach. Seriously. My friend almost stepped into a used needle at Coney Island. Not to say that it's really that bad, but it's still sketchy. Really sketchy. But it was just a great start to the summer. It was definitely some much needed R&R after studying (just kidding) all year long. I hope everyone's having a great start to their summer (or almost summer, if you're in school, or end of summer if you're on the other side of the world -- like Australia)!

Hopefully I'll have an actual outfit post soon. Or something. It's way too hot lately. I might just go nude...just kidding.



  1. This looks like such a blast! I'm secretly jealous because in Philadelphia we have...public pools, but no beaches. Must plan a getaway!

    Yes, Coney Island is disgustingly dirty. I used to go to Brighton and 15th.

  2. Oh goodness, is it totally lame of me to admit that this post made me super hungry (especially the cinnabon!)? It looks like you had a wonderful memorial day weekend! And I agree - it has been WAY too hot in new york lately.

  3. the blue chip looks like delicious cancer. i love cinnabon! i'm thinking of making pull apart cinnamon bread this weekend :)

    i've never had funnel cake before. what a i sheltered life i have lived!


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