Sunday, June 5, 2011

looks like paris.


 Finally, an outfit post! Or, at least, a post that included official outfit photos.

So the title of the post has nothing to do with Paris, technically. While I was at work, this adorable French lady commented on the tanktop and said that the drawings "looked like Paris", where she was from. And then she bought it. I'd like to think it was because of my powers of persuasion -- not the fact that she had sentimental feelings towards a drawing on the tanktop that reminded her of home.

Did I ever mention how much I like high waisted stuff? Especially shorts when they fit perfectly (which means, fitted at the waist and the butt and then loose in the thigh area without making me look like a frumpy old mawmaw). Surprise, surprise, I got it from work. Of course, that's all I can afford to shop at since I'm there 85% of my time.

 So after a friend's birthday barbecue, we all decided to head to Coney Island just to participate in some awesome drunken revelry on the beach. We rode the Cyclone at "Luna Park" (which is technically the new official name for the amusement park but we just call it Coney Island because we're too lazy to memorize things) and just ended up taking photos and running around on the beach. And please ignore the fact that my tatas are out and about in that picture. Not that I have much of them anyways. And when we were on the beach, I was pretty paranoid. It was dark and I was scared we were going to step on jellyfish and then we'd have to urinate on ourselves/each other or something.

Outfit posts makes me want to go shopping more. This is an addiction that cannot be stopped. This is only enabling me. OH NOOOOOOO.


 Outfit Details:
Printed Chiffon Camisole in steeple - American Apparel
Light Wash High-Waist Jean Cuff Short - American Apparel
lavender cardigan - American Apparel
lace slingback flats - Topshop

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  1. i'm quite obsessed with high-waisted as well atm!
    and outfit posts really just make me realize that i need to do more shopping, which isn't all that great for my purse :)


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