Thursday, June 30, 2011

i want to ride my bicycle!

 blue tank top - old navy // print skirt - Forever 21 // leather floral belt - anthropologie
brown cut out flats - H&M // vintage Polo Sport bag - mom // sunday hat - american apparel

Is it just me or does the Queen song come to your mind? I love bike riding. It's one of my favorite sports. It's almost on par with running -- the pros is that you get to sit down and you can go farther and faster on a bike. I used to be extremely worried about what to wear while riding my bike, but after trying it out, I found out that I can easily ride it in a skirt, as pictured above. I always wanted a cute little vintage bike, but I kind of like the sportier mountain bike that I have. It's a little more solid, especially since I constantly bike to various locations -- the waterfront, my friend's house, even the borough of Manhattan (which I doubt I will ever revisit on bike. I almost died from both fatigue and accidents waiting to happen, a.k.a: cars). I am now, however, on the search for cute little backpacks. Small enough that I don't have to worry about it, but big enough to hold my camera along with other necessities (hand sanitizer, my cellphone, iPod, wallet, keys, candy, and a cardigan) so I can obviously be stylish and practical when on my bike.

This might be a little TMI, but does your butt get sore from riding a bike?! I Google'd it last night, and apparently it's called 'saddle sore'. I figure it's because the last time I rode a bike was last September, right before it got too chilly for me to go anywhere substantial, and I just wasn't used to sitting on the bike seat. How can I alleviate the pain from my derriere? I was thinking a pack of frozen peas, but then no one would have veggies for dinner...

until next time! 

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  1. Get a special seat! Your bike is the 'ILLEST' bike I have ever seen. I certainly want one. I hope you're wearing a helmut! If not, invest in one. I would hate for you to be unprepared in case of an accident. GAWD, such a mom.


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