Wednesday, June 29, 2011

park & pride

blue sweater - gap // high waisted denim shorts - american apparel // black belt - vintage // black flats - Seychelles
fruit & nutella crepe

My friends and I just decided to go to Washington Square park and roam around, eating Mamoun's falafel, crepes, and desserts at Cafe Angelique. I'm so extremely glad that my friends are back from college. I missed their presence. And the fact that we all love to consume food. All the time. Now I have companions to go to buffets with! And act ridiculous in the park with...I'm pretty sure everyone in the park thought we were crazy/tourists/crazy tourists. But if anyone is in New York and wants to hang out, I am always up for hanging out. As long as we get to go eat eat explore eat eat eat eat.


Which is super exciting because I've had them for almost five years and I totally forgot what my teeth looked like. They seem so huge. I can't stop licking them! 

gay shirt - american apparel // high waisted denim shorts - american apparel

And Sunday was the Gay Pride parade! As a personal advocate of equality for everyone, I am extremely glad to voice my joy on the passing of the gay marriage law in New York. And I am even more overjoyed at the positive reception from the majority of the community here. And for a little history lesson on the pink upside down triangle on my shirt (that I had to wear for work on Sunday), during the Nazi regime, they would give homosexuals a pink triangle badge to wear (just as they made the jews wear the Star of David). The gay community took this symbol of hatred and reclaimed it as a symbol of their pride! I didn't know that until my coworker told me. Huh, I guess you learn something new everyday.

And I've been biking. (You'll see that in my next update. I love biking.)
until next time!


  1. What Chinatown street is that?

    Also, your life looks so cool. I want to be cool like you.

    Presently, I am working at my computer, surrounded by review books.

    Not cool.

  2. Your teeth look so nice! And so does that crepe ugh yum.


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