Thursday, February 3, 2011

red light spells danger

So today was Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year to any Chinese bloggers/readers. Even though my family doesn't really celebrate it aside from the red envelopes, wearing red, and having a big dinner, I kind of felt super Asian today. Plus, all my friends could pick me out in the crowd because of the horridly bright blazer I had on. I swear, that's the only red article of clothing I owned (besides this red cardigan, but I wasn't in a cardigan mood). AND IT HAS SHOULDER PADS. Haha! It was my mom's, originally, and like many of her clothes, it got passed on to me. I went to school today and blah blah blah. School's pretty boring, but at least the weather's looking better! Can you believe I got amazing lighting at 7:30 A.M in the morning? THIS NEVER HAPPENS.

But I checked the weather again and it says there might be a wintry mix in the next few days. I don't want to know what that's going to be like. New York City was encased in ice the other day, and I slipped a total of FOUR times walking TWO blocks to get to my bus. I even left my house early in anticipation of the weather to try to make class on time but NO. I end up two hours late. Isn't that ridiculous? It felt like NYC turned into our own personal ice skating rink that day. Even the mounds of snow had this glossy sheen that you knew was going to be dangerous. I tried to climb over one and I ended up sliding. Not. Fun! But it was pretty funny seeing everyone struggle with the ice.

And these Seychelles flats that I'm wearing are AMAZING. I wear an 8 (which is the size I got), but they're a bit small. I don't think they had half sizes, so that's a shame. But they're super super comfortable so it's fine about the whole size thing.

Me. Being ridiculous because it's so early!

MAKE UP TIME YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Okay, so in lieu of the nastiness of the Icepocalypse, it was raining and everything, so my make up ran and I didn't carry my tools with me. So in order to look decent, I had to run into the local drug store and buy a few products. I was so happy with them, I actually decided to use it today.

(from left to right) Maybelline's Waterproof Great Last mascara, Prestige liquid eyeliner in black, Jane Iredale lipstick "Rachel", Neutrogena lipstick "Rum Raisin", rosebud salve lipbalm for those chapped winter lips!

That's right! I use two kinds of lipsticks. I have no idea why, but I really like the mixture of the color. Rum raisin's a bit too purple for my liking, and Rachel is a little too orange-y! Not pictured is the L'Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara in Black Quartz. It's alright, nothing special. It just adds colored glitter to your eyes. But it is long lasting! It lasted me through the whole day, haha. I'm no make up expert, so that's why I don't have some super cool tutorial for you guys. Sorry. Maybe in five years, haha.

Outfit Details:
vintage red blazer - Isabel Ardee
floral printed dress - Forever 21
grey tights - American Eagle Outfitters
black flats- Seychelles
vintage quilted red Chanel bag - from my mom


  1. the blazer is absolutely gorgeous and looks fab with the dress! x

  2. lovely outfit! Happy New Year! oh...and the bag is also lovely :) I also get things passed on by my mum :)


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