Sunday, February 6, 2011

got my heartbeat running away

GO STEELERS GO STEELERS GO STEELERS. Also, here's my new minimalistic layout!

 UM, SO WHO IS PUMPED ABOUT SUPERBOWL SUNDAY?! I was definitely going to do a 'Black and Yellow' outfit post in celebration of the Steelers (which just so happens to be the team that I'm rooting for  if you couldn't tell by my subliminal message at the top of this post), except I couldn't photograph myself in time for the Superbowl party we're having at my cousin's house. And I left my camera at home because I was the last one to wake up (as always) so you'll just have to envision a bunch of people crowded around a huge television watching the game, eating food, and taking bets. We have pretty mixed reviews from everyone - some of us are Packers fans (BOO) and some of us are Steelers fans because we have to be. I mean, after the Jets lost and everything...

And here's my new layout as well. I tried to be minimalistic and cut down on the clutter. I might do a few more little 'extras' here and there, but I'm hoping this format will let me blog load a little fast for you guys! Also, let me know if the font's hard to read or anything!

So I wore this outfit out for dinner and some drinks with my friends. Super nice seeing them again! Plus, we love our hang out spot. It's a very cozy place with great, hearty food, and drinks. The ambiance is definitely low-key and casual and super comfy.

Ugh, a chicken pot pie (DELICIOUS) and apple martini. Originally, I had a Guinness, but it was super bitter. Not one of my favorite beers. I definitely like Heineken much better. The apple martini was good, but it was definitely really strong. My friend and I got a lime in it, but when my other friend ordered one, she got a cherry! I think it was because she got the younger bartender who's nicer to us, haha. My mom even said that the martinis are this place are a little strong. Of course, my mom didn't come along with us. I mean...that's kind of weird. If your mom went out with you and your friends for dinner and drinks! Are you guys lightweights or heavyweights? It takes quite a lot for me to become even the least bit inebriated, but I know friends who have half a glass of red wine and they're completely trashed!

Dessert Stop #1: Momofuku.

My top FAVORITE dessert place in St. Marks. Every time I'm in the area, I can't help but stop by for their cookie. Blueberry & cream cookie is the bestbestbestbestbest. It's so soft and delicious and sweet. But it's kind of greasy, so that's the downer. BUT IGNORE THE GREASE. Just focus on the deliciousness of the blueberries and whatever magical ingredients that they put into this cookie.

 Dessert Stop #2: Chikalicious.

It's a little pricey, but SO. GOOD. I got the raspberry tea and a rose and blueberry macaroon. I tried to label it with my grossnasty handwriting, but I guess I was in too much of a rush trying to get a picture so I can consume the deliciousness of the macaroons. It's a pretty small little place, so don't think about getting a seat unless you're lucky!

As you can tell, I am almost always ready for a photo. Haha, JUST KIDDING. But I bet it's not me that makes absurd faces whenever I'm having fun! It's only unfortunate that they're the only faces that are captured on camera, haha. Do you guys make silly faces? Especially when you're shooting photos of yourself (I know my outfit shoots are 99% outtakes and 1% semi-decent poses where I don't look like an absolute tool)? Are you guys embarrassed about these silly faces and poses, or do you embrace them, like I try to?

 Outfit Details:
blue sweater - Gap
floral skirt - Necessary Objects (i think)
grey tights - American Eagle Outfitters
blue pumps - H&M
but then last minute i decided to change shoes...
black flats - Seychelles


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  2. OMG ive been wanting to ask someone what the importance of the superbowl is...its been talked about in the news recently and had its own program but I dunno why its only become really popular :s I always thought it was like the O2 which is like a place here where singers put on concerts but I dont think so ://

    Lovely phototgraphs and haha I agree it would be weird if parents came along...

  3. hihihihihi cute postttt cute outfit lovely photosss ^^ ^^
    friends outing is definitely super fun!!! :D

  4. Cute skirt!

  5. Julia!
    I went out last week and ordered a chicken pot pie at this place called Penelope's!
    30th Street at Lexington. 159
    Just recommending if you love chicken pot pie like myself.

  6. Love all the blue and your skirt is really cute! It looks like you had a ton of fun with your friends! Apple martini with a pot pie sounds like an interesting combination! Haha


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