Monday, January 31, 2011

back on the daily grind

That sweater makes me look so chunky! Actually, I put on some weight because of my long winter vacation. I had nothing better to do than sit in front of the television and computer and munch away on snacks. I need to start eating healthier and stop snacking so much! But I just can't help it! Midnight snacks are always the tastiest...

And I'll get to doing a jewelry close up one of these days. The ring on my thumb is definitely my favorite. It's a gold band with lions carved in it. The sentimental value behind this gold band is that it reminds me of my mother. Although her zodiac is a tiger, the lions are close enough of a resemblance for me to dedicate this ring to her. To be honest, it actually belonged to my grandparents, I believe. I always end up finding lovely jewelry scattered in the forgotten corners of our house.

After a long winter break, today was the first day I went back to school since early December. To be honest, I had been eager to escape my house and see my friends again, but I also sort of resented the fact that the vacation ended. I wanted to be able to sleep in until whenever I wanted, take my time making breakfast, and not fight for space during morning rush hour commute. I started class at 8:40 A.M! I haven't been up that early since, well, high school. And to top it all off, I have a three hour and fifty minute break from 12:25 P.M to 4:10 P.M. I have no idea what to do with my spare time!

Because I'm so super prepared, I slept around 5 A.M, only to wake up an hour later to get ready for class. So far, the teachers are pretty nice and it doesn't seem like much work - yet. The only class I'm really dreading is Speech Communications. Although I'm a big blabber mouth and I love talking, I just don't feel comfortable speaking formally to an audience. I'm sure I'll do fine, but I'm just a bit anxious to see all the unfamiliar faces staring at me when I attempt public speaking. Does anyone have a fear of speaking in public? I know that no one is judging me (except for the teacher for my grade, of course), but it's just weird when people stare at me. I tend to get self-conscious and wonder if my hair looks like a bird's nest, or if my mascara ran a little and I have raccoon eyes, or if my skirt is stuck in my pantyhose (luckily that hasn't happened to me yet).

Tomorrow's class schedule is a little better. Instead of class at 8 in the morning, I'll have class at noon. It seriously took me a lot of willpower and dedication and strength to churn this little post out. Can you tell by the dark circles under my eyes that I'm super super pooped out? I'd really love a back massage too! Carrying a laptop around is hard labor, you know!

I'd also like to say thank you so much to everyone who visits my page - whether you comment or follow or even e-mail me. I love connecting with you guys, even though I might not have a lot of time to get back to you or I accidentally overlook you. And it really means a lot to me to see that people actually care what I write and what I wear and what I eat, haha. Actually, I'm just really flattered you guys are interested in my bland lifestyle.

I hope everyone had a better Monday that I did. ♥ And I hope the rest of your week is wonderful too! I'm probably going to go make some tea, snack on something, and fall asleep while watching television.
lots of love,

Outfit Details:
blue sweater - Gap
aztec dress (worn as a skirt) - Forever 21
grey tights - American Eagle Outfitters
green military jacket - DKNY
brown boots - Timberland
white purse - Coach
ruby ring, lion ring, & pearl necklace - family heirlooms


  1. i can't find that dress online >.<

    this outfit is to die for though <3

  2. What a cute dress! And you do not look chunky at all! You look lovely :)
    I have a four hour break too!!! I always try to get work done, but I'm just so sleepy that I'm a little useless during my breaks haha

  3. Awesome pictures! :)

    I love mixing printed skirts with solid shirts; you pull the look off well. :D


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