Saturday, February 26, 2011

up against the wall

Is it just me? When I wear shorts, there's always an unsightly bulge around the crotch area, haha. How do I fix it?! Is it because my hips and butt area is such much larger than my waist, when I belt things it creates that weird bulge? Help me! But this is one of my favorite outfits because it's comfy. And I love oversized sweaters and tights and shorts so I can sit indian-style without worrying about flashing anyone. I'm sorry for my grouchy expression in these photos. I wasn't grouchy. I was just too tired to actually smile since I got less than four hours of sleep for no reason at all! I always find myself having extra time to sleep, but I waste it away on Tumblr and StumbleUpon...Whoops. I tend to make it up on the weekends, though, and sleep my day away.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 
 Outfit Details:
cut off jean shorts - Levi's
gray shirt - Forever 21
grandma cardigan - my grandma's
brown belt, permanently borrowed from my brother- ?? (no tag)
black tights - Hue
(not pictured) brown moccasins - Minnetonka


  1. i love this outfit too. you look so comfy! i love the grandma cardigan. :) don't worry, i get the uh, bulges, too. but it's totally normal. the only people who don't get them are the VERY VERY skinny girls with a big thigh gap. but most people have a slight bulge. xD

  2. love the outfit! and i know i hate when the buldge happens . oh well show it off and be proud you still look hot! ;D

    i'm so jealous your grandma has cool cardigans. im always asking them if they have anything but they sadly gave them all away a long time ago..

    i loveeeeeee your style !!

  3. I get that bump too. I think it is just the price we pay for cute jeans, and that it is more noticeable to the person wearing them than anyone else. I do love this look though. The sweater if fab, and I am a sucker for cut offs with tights.

  4. i love the pattern on your cardigan.
    i do not wear shorts..ahhh..they drive me insane. ugh.
    i wish i could wear then... but i just havent found the perfect ones..
    have a wonderful rest of you weekend.

  5. Ooooh, a red lippie! It looks great on you especially since you aren't wearing any other makeup. I wish I had that sort of confidence (and skin nice enough to not paint it over!)

    I get the weird bulge sometimes, too.

  6. I have nightmares finding jeans that don't do that - cause I have the same thing, wide hips - small waist! I finally found a pair a year ago and refuse to go shopping for jeans again until they die. BUT, I have had pants tailored before to make them sit better and avoid the bulge - and that works too.

  7. Love the vintage feel of this outfit, especially the sweater.

  8. oh i love your shorts!! and the grandma cardigan is adorable the print is awesome :)


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