Friday, February 25, 2011

western biographic

 First off, I want to say thank you SO much to all my readers and followers and commenters (commentators? What's the word?). I reached 50 followers! I know for most of you, it's such a dismal number, but seriously, 50 people actually like me enough to want to read all the posts that I write and look at all the pictures that I take of myself. I am so honored and I love every single one of you. I started this blog sort of half-heartedly, like I do with all my blogs. I was pretty sure I'd abandon this project a few months in, but I stuck around. Why? I met some amazing people who also run blogs and started some friendships. And I love being able to relate to them and look towards them for inspiration. Thank you so much for encouraging me to, you guys. I'm probably going to cry. Or eat a cookie to celebrate this momentous occasion, haha.

Okay, now for the whole let's-talk-about-my-clothes thing.

You know when you think of an outfit that works inside of your head and then when you wear it, it looks nothing like you expected? And it applies to trends too. I've been loving the maxi skirt trend and I've been a little hesitant to actually go get one for myself. I've been lusting after this PJ By Peter Jensen Tiered Flannel Skirt for the longest while now, so when it went on sale, I immediately purchased it. When it finally came and I tried it on, I wanted to cry.

I AM TOO SHORT. The skirt goes down all the way to my ankles and it seems a little too long. However, I'm hesitant to hem it. I'm slowly starting to like the length, but I'm not sure. Do you guys think I should just reconstruct the skirt or should I keep it the way it is? And help me style it! I'm kind of stumped on what to do with this skirt.


Outfit Details:
PJ By Peter Jensen Tiered Flannel Skirt - Urban Outfitters
BDG burnout t-shirt - Urban Outfitters
my brother's brown belt (that I permanently borrowed) - ?? (no tag)
black flats - Seychelles via Gilt


  1. Congratulations on 50 followers! I'm so happy to have met you through blogging :)
    I think that skirt looks adorable the length it is, and I think you styled it wonderfully! For some reason I think it would also look lovely with some red thrown in, so maybe a red sweater? Just go with your instincts :)

  2. KEEP IT AS IS, I came over to your blog from chictopia because I love this skirt so much! :D modest and superpretty. I'd wear it with anything, red sounds good!

    and congrats on 50 followers!!

  3. The length looks cute on you! I can't wait to go spring/summer shopping. Maxi skirts/dresses are definitely on the top of my checklist. :)

  4. Love that skirt! I saw it today while shopping at UO. I think that brand has a lot of cute pieces. Gingham is so perfect for spring and summer. Your room looks cute!

  5. I saw that skirt the other day on the site! It looks really good the way it is. You could always buy another one (weren't they $4?) and hem that.

  6. I quite like how the skirt looks on you! I think you pull it off nicely. You manage to make the tshirt look effortlessly chic, too! I have so many tee shirts that I'm at a loss to style because I can't make them look chic.

    Congratulations on 50!

    Also, I love how your room is just an explosion of stuff.

  7. Please don't hem it! It's gorgeous on you. I'm 5'2'' so I know what it's like to be stumped with long lengths. I always add heels; makes me look less swamped!



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