Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 12 | 365

day twelve out of three hundred sixty five

my room is in constant disarray. but even more so this week because i'm packing for boston! i can't decide what suitcase to bring. i'm definitely an overpacker. those paintings on my dresser are my own original artworks. and that magazine on that large suitcase is a Victoria's Secret Magazine. and on the white little dresser is an incomplete painting of an underwater scene.

that door that's blocked by a dresser is actually connecting to the master bedroom. this room used to be my nursery, which is why my parents had the adjoining room layout. you guys could play iSpy with this, hahaha.

i always like seeing what other people's rooms look like! i'm so nosy.

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  1. Hey there :)
    New follower :]
    haha my table looks so similar to yours...loads of worksheets and about enough empty space to place an A4 sheet on.



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