Monday, December 6, 2010

underneath it all


I know, I sound so pathetic. But I'm addicted to tumblr. I need to type up some more 'My Day In Freeform' and reblog cute pictures of food and funny things. Anyways...onto more normal things...

Hey guys! I hope you had a rather productive weekend! I had to do a philosophy paper rewrite, and then my dad decided to break out our Christmas present early (because he couldn't keep a secret) and he got us the xbox with kinect! I've been playing this nonstop all weekend and now I'm sore all over. Of course, in hindsight, breaking out the present now wasn't such a good idea...I have finals next week. Actually, I have a paper due tomorrow and instead, I'm updating my blog and playing xbox. I'm such a good student!

And I wore this outfit on the weekend. My aztect printed blouse was feeling a bit lonely and needed to be worn again. And so did my boots! I always feel a little too 'country' when I wear them out and about. There were some flurries today, so that was a bit of a shock, especially when I'm a bit disoriented in the mornings. I almost lost my wallet today, so that was scary, but at least I remembered to check back in my lecture room before the other class went in.

Now, I'll probably spend the rest of the day pulling an all-nighter on this horrible art history paper. I love creating art. I just don't like the tedious task of memorizing names and dates and especially not with this particular professor. I hope everyone had a better Monday than I did! :)

I'm also a bit addicted to stickers, so if anyone wants to send me some, my shelf area is in serious need of stickers! :) Most of them are of bands I've gone to see, and the one that only shows the 'Milk' is my friend's streetwear label, MuffinMilk. Check out there blog, here! They're really chill and down to earth, and they're getting items ready for sale soon! They just finished their fall inventory, and they're in the process of developing new things. I'll definitely highlight them in the future, but here's just a little blurb.
Outfit Details:
aztec printed blouse - Urban Outfitters
oversized purple cardigan - American Apparel
green racerback tank dress - H&M
cable knit tights - Forever 21
double circle belt - Forever 21
black double breasted pea coat - Kristen Blake
ankle cowboy boots - Nine West via DSW


  1. I love this. That aztec shirt is the best, and those boots are too cute.
    Don't feel bad, I totally went through tumblr withdrawal as well!

  2. I still can't get on to tumblr, really frustrating now. I really want some tights like those, looks so warm and chic! The Aztec blouse is also pretty amazing! x

  3. Your Aztec blouse is fantastic, so vibrant and beautiful at the same time! I'm addicted to Tumblr too :P


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