Wednesday, December 8, 2010

higher off the ground

So these pants are the first alteration project I've done after getting my sewing machine! They used to be flared and I've had these pants for about four years now and I've worn them only once. So, I tapered them and they're probably my favorite pair of pants. But the real reason I tapered them was because I saw a pair of tapered green cargo pants from American Eagle and they were way too expensive for me!

Is it weird that I don't wear socks with my shoes? Because my mom always lectures me on going sockless in my moccasins, especially in this weather and I always blow off her comments, but then I was more observant today and noticed that almost everyone was wearing socks with their flats!

I forgot to take a detail photo of my bow ring, but I made it myself from some fabric scraps I had left over, haha. 

And I'm quite happy and excited for tomorrow! We're doing Secret Santa at this club that I'm in at school. I'm so excited! I still have to make my person's card and get some last minute stuff, but I hope they like it. I'm so excited for the holidays! Also, I'd like to wish my Jewish readers a Happy Last Day of Hanukkah! :)

Outfit Details:
mustard cardigan - August Silk
floral tank top - ??
altered green cargo pants - Old Navy
brown belt - ??
brown circle scarf - Forever 21
brown moccasins - Minnetonka
blue jacket - Tommy Hilfigier
floral bow ring - made it myself
golden rings - family heirlooms


  1. You're so creative! I wish I was talented enough to alter pants that way. And you made a ring! Good work, Julia.

  2. Oh, I love this (as always)! I can't believe you tapered those pants yourself. So wonderful! And i ALWAYS go sockless when I wear my moccasins. It gets cold sometimes, but it's just a habit!

  3. I love those moccasins. I really want to find an inexpensive pair. Other then that, love the cardigan and jacket. I have those cargo jeggings from American Eagle. They're really soft and nice and go well with boots and those mocs.

  4. this is adorable!! the pants are so cool, they look so good on you. and i almost never wear socks with any of my flats..? haha. i want a pair of moccasins though. ;___; they would complete my feet, which are STILL healing from like two months of blisters.

  5. can't believe you altered the pants, they look amazing! and i love your cardie and scarf too :) x

  6. oh i love your pants!!! you did such a awesome job on the alterations! i love your moccasins they are so cute :)


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