Friday, November 26, 2010

suffering a food coma!

Obviously I didn't wear this to my Thanksgiving dinner yesterday! As you may know (or not), yesterday was the American Thanksgiving. And I dutifully dressed myself in jeans and sweats so I could indulge and over-indulge in the mass quantities of food that was placed before us. I think I had dessert about five times. I haven't finished uploading the pictures, but I don't think you want to see unflattering pictures of me stuffing my face and lying face down on the floor because I couldn't move. But we went to my cousin's house and they got a new puppy. She's so cute, except she's so calm for a dog. She hasn't barked, but she does whimper a bit!

I know, I know. I wear this blazer far too often (as seen here, here, and here) but it's so comfy and versatile, surprisingly, Plus, if I was really experimental and brave...I could just button it up and go nude underneath. Haha, just kidding!...Maybe.

And I decided to back out on my last minute plans to go Black Friday shopping. I opted to sit on my couch and do some virtual shopping instead of fighting crazies at the mall and waiting in line. However, I'm off to go get ready for a belated birthday dinner for two my of best friends! I hope everyone has a great weekend! I have another Thanksgiving dinner to go to tomorrow and I don't think I'll make it out alive! As you can see, I opt to go eat delicious food instead of blog about it because I'm suffering from a food coma. I'm still a bit bleary-eyed and lazy as I type this post up. :)

Outfit Details:
plaid heart blazer - Topshop
gray sweater - Hollister Co.
blue skirt - Forever 21
gray tights - American Eagle Outfitters
brown oxford pumps - Nine West from DSW
pearl necklace - grandmother's/family heirloom


  1. i wish we celebrated thanksgiving over here :( everyones blogging about amazing food! love this blazer, don't worry about overwearing it :) x

  2. I love the last photo. Very calming! =) I am still so full from thanksgiving! It's crazy!


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