Saturday, November 27, 2010

the small object thumbprint notecard set

This adorable notecard set by Sarah Neuburger was one of the scores that I picked up on Black Friday from the sale section of Urban Outfitters (I picked up a dress for 9.99 and a cardigan from the men's section for 9.99 as well!). It was a spontaneous purchase, and I realize it was a really good investment. I got it for $9.99 when it usually retails for about $17.

But other than the financial bargain, I realized that since a lot of my friends went away to college, I've lost contact with some of them and sending handwritten letters are definitely the best thing anyone could ask for if they're away. So, I resolve to write more letters! In this day and age, where we communicate electronically and digitally, I feel that having handwritten letters and cards is definitely a welcomed surprise. It's more...personal, I guess. Does anyone else feel the same?

Hopefully I'll be able to afford some stamps. I never really know how many to put on an envelope, haha.

But they're so much fun. You get to use your thumb print and make little characters and, in hind sight, I should've bought a second one as well! I got so into the cuteness of the set that I made a stop motion! Hopefully it doesn't make you dizzy, haha.


  1. these are adorable, especially the little russian dolls! i love getting any post but handwritten letters are the best :D x

  2. I wonder if you have any tips on starting a fashion blog like this one.


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