Friday, November 5, 2010

Painting Flowers For You

I decided to go digging around my basement this morning and I found this old seafoam green cardigan lying around in a huge plastic bin filled with my old schools. Curious to see if it still fit, I hastily paired it with my dad's blue button up, and an assortment of pastel/neutral accessories. In retrospect, I probably wouldn't go out in public like this, mainly due to the shirt. It keeps riding up and it's a bit of a hassle to fix. Not to mention that it seems like I'm not wearing any pants! But I am! I always wear shorts/bike shorts underneath my skirts and dresses, even if it's a more modest length. You never know when a wind is going to pick up your skirt and show the world your undies!

But, I'm really into the floral bowtie thing! Originally, I intended it to be around my waist, but I felt that the neck area was too...empty!

Outfit Details:
seafoam green cardigan - Old Navy
floral sash as a bowtie - taken from my American Eagle skirt
blue button up shirt - my father's / Ralph Lauren
brown belt - my brother's / unknown brand
brown shorts - Hollister Co.
socks - ??
beige patent flats - Franco Sarto
white handbag - Louis Vuitton


  1. afafjaldkjal the coooloooours. they're so pretty! i love seaform-minty-paleish-pastel colours, haha. and the sash-scarf thing is really clever, makes everything look quirky. :)


  2. Oh my - I just love everything about this!! The mint green cardi w/ that floral necktie is perfection. Your blog is lovely - following now:)


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