Thursday, November 4, 2010

Drops of Jupiter

Excuse my appearance! And my room. It's such a mess, haha, but I don't think I'm going to clean it any time soon. I usually never put my hair up, unless it was for track practice, but after I looked out the window this morning I hastily decided that a no-fuss updo will have to do the trick. And boy was I right! It was so rainy today and absolutely freezing.

This is basically my rainy day go-to outfit. Vans with thick platforms to prevent my feet from getting soaked, warm socks, jeans, layers, and a nice warm scarf, haha. I bet you guys are sick of seeing this jacket! I definitely wear it way too much.

After classes, my friends and I headed over to the Rubin Museum to fulfill our freshman orientation workshop requirement. If any of you are in New York City anytime soon, I think you guys should definitely check it out! I'm not sure how much admission is, but my college grants me free admission, haha. I think next time, I really want to visit the Guggenheim! It looks so cool, especially since we talked about it in art history class except my teacher is a total bully, so it sort of makes me dread going to the class.

Outfit Details:
green army jacket - DKNY
yellow cardigan - August Silk
gray shirt - Forever 21
gray socks - ??
striped scarf - Hollister Co.
jeans - Bullhead from Pacsun
blue slip on sneakers - Vans

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  1. aww! you look so cozy and comfy, i'm absolutely jealous. here in california, it's been about 90 degrees every day so far ( yesterday was about 103! D: ) i can't wait to cozy up in plenty of layers.



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