Friday, November 5, 2010

107 West

Fried calamari.
Fried chicken with double mashed potatoes, because my friend doesn't like 'greens'.

If there's anything I love more than's got to be food! A week ago, one of my best friends came back from college to visit my friends and I that didn't go away for college. Only four of us went out to eat, but we've been friends since kindergarten, and went to private school together until eighth grade!

Carmen (the friend that went away for college) and I spent a whole night browsing the web for some new things to try and stumbled upon 107 West! At first, I wasn't too sure if that was the address or the restaurant name, but it turned out to be both, although they have more than one location. The one we went to was on the Upper West Side, which I assume is the original!

The ambiance of the place was absolutely wonderful. It was classy yet low key and casual. Definitely really warm and inviting. There was a small little bar with the Yankees vs. Rangers game going on, but the lighting was dimmed and each table had small candles on it. And the benches had pillows too! Really useful for sinking back after enjoying your food. We had to wait half an hour, but that's understandable for a Friday night.

The bread basket was so good. There was this corn muffin thing with some sort of nut in the middle of it. And with extra butter, it was so delicious. I know, I know. Too much butter isn't good for you, but I absolutely LOVE butter. I almost always ask for extra butter!

I couldn't decide what to get, especially since everything looked and smelled so good. But after reading rave reviews on their fried chicken dishes, our entire table decided to get it. Although, the table next to us got the Alaskan halibut and it looked so good. I also ordered some fried calamari, which was SO GOOD. It was perfectly fried and the sauce was equally delicious. My mouth is watering right now.

I got the fried chicken with spinach and roasted potatoes. Unfortunately, the roasted potatoes were really dry and not awesome, so that was one of the downfalls of the dish. Otherwise, it was absolutely wonderful. I got two pieces of chicken breast (I think everyone did, though) and I couldn't finish so I had to doggy bag it and take the rest home. My friend got the bread pudding (and I stole a taste) and it was so wonderful. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures from it.

All in all, I give 107 West an A. Definitely worth visiting if you're in New York anytime soon!


  1. oh man this looks good, i love mash! xx

  2. Oh, yum yum! Now I'm hungry! Have a great weekend, xx

  3. Oh, so yummy.... thanks for sharing:)))))



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