Friday, November 19, 2010

new haircut + color




I am going to start off by saying that I am so absolutely UPSET and angry at my haircut and color. I'm a very picky person when it comes to my hair. It's the only thing I really like about myself and I need it to be perfect. My mom brought me to this new hair salon and I REALLY did not want to go. Once I like a hair stylist, I hate going to a new one because the new one almost never gets it right. And, well, I was right.

First off, my side bangs are REALLY short. They're so short they tend to stick out like little tufts of hair and it's so short it keeps falling into my eyes and falling away from the other section of my side bangs. It's so irritating. And secondly, they got the color all wrong. My mom paid for my hair today, so I feel really bad, but honestly, I am so upset. She says it looks fine, but I think she paid $100 for my hair to look like it's BLACK. And when the light shines on it, it looks red. I wanted it to be purple, sort of like Katy Perry's hair from the Firework video. Sort of like a really strong blackish purple. I even picked it out from the swatches they had and I end up with this hair cut and after they dyed it and I sat there for two hours and they washed and dried it, it turned out black with a red tint. Thirdly, I always layer my hair, but I feel like I have a mullet right now. It sticks up in all the wrong places. AHH.

I was so upset after the hair appointment, I took some outfit photos but they're mostly of me tugging at my hair and making mad faces so I'll have to retake them when I feel better about this disastrous haircut.

Has anyone ever had to deal with a bad hair cut? How'd your experience go?

and here's a little funny gif to lighten the mood and explain how i feel right about now:
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  1. I actually think it looks pretty good. You definitely have more shape and movement than when it was longer. Besides, hair grows pretty fast. Those bangs will be the length you want in about one to two weeks. I think hair grows 1/4 of an inch a week or something? I read that somewhere-- don't quote me!

    If you're really unsatisfied with your bangs, I recommend picking up some styling product. There are things like pomade and texturizing products you can sort of rub in your hair to make it piecey. Experiment with it! You can do a ponytail or add some hair accessories. I'm sure you can make this work!

  2. aww i think your hair still looks nice! i actually like all the layering and i think it looks like it has a hint of purple in the third photo.
    I'm always putting off going to the hairdressers because whenever i get my haircut i feel like crying and screaming i hate it! I think it normally just takes a couple of days to get used to it :) x


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