Monday, November 15, 2010

make you feel my love

Ah, MONDAY! I honestly dislike Mondays because I always have a 'weekend hangover', which has nothing do with alcohol. It's just the feeling of grogginess because you had such a fun/lazy/comfy weekend and you end up going into your Mondays feeling like BLAH. Which is totally how I felt.

I ended up falling asleep in government class (but not before some rude girl told me to "SHUSH". I responded by glaring at her and telling her off after class...politely, of course). After government class, I headed over to Hale and Hearty to get a Cream of Tomato with Chicken and Orzo soup and half a chicken with tomato pesto sandwich before going to English class. It was so delicious! Cream of tomato with chicken and orzo is definitely one of my favorite soups from there. When we got to English class, our teacher decided she wasn't feeling very well and dismissed us, so I had a super duper long break. My friends and I ate (I got a chicken tempura sushi roll. I KNOW. I eat SO much. It's horrible. I wasn't even hungry. I just got it because I was bored) and headed over to the library to take a nap. And I proceeded to philosophy class and fell asleep there too, unfortunately.

Right, and before I bore you all to tears (which I probably already did), I honestly had no idea what I was wearing this morning. So, when I'm stuck on outfit ideas...I tend to just wear whatever I just bought new, haha. Even if it doesn't really match. In this case, it was the skirt, the tights, the shoes, and the cardigan! OH! On the note of the shoes, they're Minnetonka moccasins! They're the most comfortable shoes in the whole wide world. I've been wearing them ever since I got them. If anyone is planning to purchase Minnetonka moccasins, I'd suggest sizing down a size because they do tend to stretch! 

Also, the blueish tint isn't due to my camera, promise! I got home around 4:45 P.M and I ran to get my tripod and camera to snap these photos before it got really dark. That's the downside to winter. I barely have time to snap pictures outside because the sun sets so early. I like not having to deal with the ugly energy saving light bulbs in my room.

Well, I hope everyone had a great Monday! :) How did your day go?

Outfit Details:
oversized cardigan - Urban Outfitters
plaid shirt - Ralph Lauren
double circle belt - Forever 21
blue skirt - Forever 21
grey knit tights - Forever 21
moccasins - Minnetonka


  1. do you have a link to the moccasins you got?

  2. Oh my goodness, I have the same problems (Monday grogginess, though it's really Tuesday for me, and taking outfit pictures before it gets dark) so you're not alone there! I also generally wear new things as soon as I get them!
    Anyway, i really LOVE this outfit, and you look wonderful! That plaid top is so cute, and I've been wanting a cardigan like that for forever. I needs to get me to Urban Outfitters!
    Also, I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on all of my posts, particularly my most recent one. It really means a lot to me <3

  3. i love that plaid top. you look beautiful..
    and i realllly want some of those moccasins..they look so comfy and cozy!
    have a great rest of the week love.

  4. Thanks everyone! ♥

    Hey Melissa! I ordered the moccasins off of Urban Outfitters. The link is HERE. :)

  5. lllooovvee your moccasins and plaid! lovely :)


  6. love your cardigan and shirt and all that food sounds so good! x

  7. what a cute look! i love the plaid top. i need to get one of those!

    thanks for the sweet comment and the follow. <3 following you back!

    xx elanor

  8. thats an amazing belt!

    cute blog :)


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