Saturday, November 13, 2010

winds of change

On this particular day, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a visit during my art history class. Now, I certainly enjoy art history; it's just my teacher that I'm not very fond of. We won't dwell on that too much though, just in case she reads blogs. I'm going to share some of my favorite shots, especially since I took over a hundred...I went a little photo happy. 

It was really cool. I especially loved the contemporary exhibits. You guys should totally visit it! I didn't take many pictures of me in the park due to the joggers and passing cars, so I hastily set up my time and took one! Originally, my socks started off black, but they weren't too comfy (and they were a bit too short for this dress, especially since the temperature dropped!) so I stopped by American Apparel before class and bought gray thigh-highs. I highly recommend them! They're really warm and comfy. I wonder if it's just me that these socks ride down?

I absolutely love this dress too. The modest neckline, the puff sleeves, and just the general silhouette!'s an outtake of me getting really frustrated with my camera not focusing and taking forever! I thought it was pretty funny.

How's everyone's weekend going so far? So far, I've volunteered at a family fair, and tomorrow I'm going to go to a man-geant, which is a man-pageant!

Outfit Details:
floral dress - Forever 21
gray thigh-highs - American Apparel
black thigh highs - ??
black flats - ??
black peacoat - Kristin Blake
bag - Forever 21
blue bow - American Apparel
pearl necklace - grandma's


  1. I love the dress on you and how lucky you are to have art history class at that awesome museum! Great photos too!

  2. that dress is really wonderful, i kind of expected you to say that it was vintage..but f21? haha, wow. (i hardly shop there, so i wouldn't know!) but it looks soooo nice. drooool. and those photos are gorgeous.

  3. Your little outfit is so lovely, the cut and fabric of the dress is so sweet and I love how you've paired those knee high socks with it and put a big bow in your hair, so adorable :D


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