Saturday, November 20, 2010

leaving lanvin empty handed

So today was the launch of Lanvin by H&M! My dental appointment ran late, so by the time I got there, the carnivorous fashionistas already got their hands on all my sizes - clothes and footwear wise save for a few pieces. I was sort of sad, so hopefully someone will be willing to sell me their purchase (not likely). Or maybe I'll find it on Ebay 10 years from now! But, my goodness, it was absolutely lovely. I tried on this dress and these shoes, which were the only two things in my size. I loved the shoes and the color of the dress, but the shape was definitely very unflattering. The shoes, however, was amazingggggggggg. I almost walked out with them...but...they were over my budget after I realized I had to buy a birthday present for a Sweet Sixteen party I'm attending tomorrow.

I didn't get any pictures, but I did get one of a Sabon sample they were passing out. It smells so delicious. I haven't used it yet, but I definitely plan on it. I definitely need to go back and get some aroma therapy from there. And the fact that Lush is right across the street does not bode well for my wallet.

And good news is that I like my hair a little bit more, even though I sort of resemble a shaggy dog. At least my hair looks a bit more purple in the sun, even though I still think it's more of a reddish color. I decided to dress really really comfy for the dentist. Unfortunately, the sweater kept riding up on me so I had to pull it down.

When I was in SoHo, after I purchased the girl's gift (a sweater and skirt and tights from Forever 21...I really like the sweater and skirt. I wanted a set for myself), I had to buy a proper dress for her Sweet Sixteen. I almost gave up after going to Topshop (where I saw this gorgeous dress for $80, unfortunately), Forever 21, H&M...again, and Urban Outfitters. But then, as a last minute decision, I decided to head into American Eagle Outfitters, where I don't usually shop. And lo and behold, I found the perfect dress! I couldn't decide between size 4 or 6 because the 4 was a bit tight and the 6 was a bit loose, so I opted for the 4 so I could encourage myself to lose weight, haha. I've been eating a bit too much lately...

On the topic of food, I went to Cafe Bari (by myself!) to have breakfast. I don't like to eat alone because it seems lonely and I feel like an old crazy spinster, but I appreciated my food so much more - sensory wise. I ha poached eggs with goat cheese over toasted English muffins, mixed greens, potato pancakes, and mini beef sausages (which were kinda like mini hot dogs). It was so delicious albeit the portions were kind of small. I'm more used to hearty meals!

 Outfit Details:
asymmetrical jacket - Jack by BB Dakota
grey sweater - Hollister Co.
striped scarf - Hollister Co.
jeans - Bullhead jeans from PacSun
brown belt - unknown brand from my brother's closet
moccasins - Minnetonka
really old red quilted purse - Chanel from my mom


  1. Wow! I guess the Lanvin collection sold out fast! Maybe it's better that way... I won't spend the pennies I don't have on it.

    Very gorgeous Chanel purse.

  2. oh goodness. that sucks! :( i would probably never be able to buy anything from the lanvin collection though, my family is so cheap. XD you look so cute + casual and the chanel purse is to die for!

    cut yourself some slack, i think your hair is cute <3

  3. SO.JEALOUS.OF.YOUR.PURSE (even if it's borrowed)

    annnnd I totally wouldn't have been able to resist those shoes....

  4. glad you like your hair now, its really cute :)
    and i love your bag and shoes! x

  5. your purse is so cute!! and i love the moccasins they look so comfy!!


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