Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Under The Stars

Yes, yes, I know! My plaid heart Topshop blazer is back again! It's kind of weird, you know. You think something with such a funky print as this would rarely see daylight, but it's one of my most worn items in my closet. For some reason it seems to go with my mood every day. It's the perfect fabric and length and fit and I just wish I had more blazers that fit like this. Too bad the Topshop here in NYC is so expensive. :( But this baby I got on sale because it was the last one and no one really wanted it. I felt bad so I tried it on and I immediately fell in love.

Also, please excuse the paint on my thigh. My dad was painting around our house (the proof that he's been watching too much HGTV) and he forgot to mention to me that the paint wasn't dried. The weather here has significantly improved. It's so weird! It was nice and chilly and then all of a sudden, I wake up to the weather reports boasting upper 60's to low 70 degree Fahrenheit weather with lots and lots of humidity. Where's my fall weather gone?! I miss the windiness, but I'm actually happy to wear shorts again without tights.

But I lovelovelove these flats. Too bad the right shoe has a hole in the lace. :( I wish I could get an exchange, but I've worn these shoes a little too much to quality for a return. It came with the hole but I thought it was part of the design until I started seeing it tear little by little. Oh well.

I'm not too sure what happened this morning, but when I exited the train station (which is right behind the newsstand) I saw shards of glass everywhere and bottles from the broken fridge on the floor. It turns out that a taxi, earlier that morning, crashed into a newsstand. I was shocked to see this, especially in the hazy morning mindset I was in. I hope everyone was okay! I found the news article online here. Click to read the full article! Kind of weird, though. Last academic school year, around my high school, a truck crashed into the local Arby's fast food chain. Unfortunately, people were injured and one lady was killed. :( This sort of stuff makes me sad. I think automobile accidents are one of the major things that's preventing me from attempting to get my license!  I'm too scared, haha.

Image courtesy of my friend, Erik L.

Image courtesy of my friend, Maria V.

I totally used these photos from my dear friends Maria V. and Erik L. because they have nicer (more modern) phones than I have. Trust me. My phone's from eighth grade. That's about five years! I don't even have internet capability on mine. That's how old school I am. Just keeping it vintage, haha. Just kidding.

Outfit Details:
plaid heart blazer - Topshop
destroyed jean shorts - Hollister Co. (a lot of wear&tear on my behalf)
blue tank top - Old Navy
lace flats - Urban Outfitters

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  1. I love that blazer, it's so cute!
    Accidents are so scary. I have to drive myself to school during the week and I'm always scared too :(


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