Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You'd Better Wise Up, Janet Weiss

This has been my go-to outfit lately. I've been really really lazy lately in the way I'm dressing, but I think that's due to the fact that I haven't gone shopping in a while. And I've worn this dress  It's a really bad habit, because I end up getting really bored with my wardrobe without anything new in it. I have a habit of not having enough fall/winter items. Hopefully November will come soon so I can finally binge and get my wishlist of clothing (that I compiled like...two months ago, haha).

1. Moccasins - I actually owned a pair like a month ago, but I was running in them and tore a hole. :( So now I have to invest in a sturdier replacement.
2. Oxfords - I actually want a low heeled one, mainly because it looks more feminine than ones without heels.
3. High heeled Mary Janes
4. Printed flats.
5. Western style boots.
6. Ballerina/Mary Janes flats.
7. Waist-length trench coat.
8. Turtle neck sweaters
9. Military styled jackets
10. Capes.
11. Aztec blouse.
12. Lace t-shirt
13. Dark wash jeans/leggings
14. Cotton pants with tapered legs.
15. Mens-styled/sheer blouses
16. Sweater vests/knit vests.
17. Lace skirts.
18. Assorted socks - ankle, knee, thigh highs, tights. I really really am entertaining the idea of layering socks. I've been experimenting with wearing tights, layering thigh highs, knee socks, and ankle socks together to create depth to the outfit.
19. black low Vans
20. Toms - black, gray, or white. Not sure yet!
21. Big bags!

And today I had one of the worst encounters ever. I almost got kidnapped right outside my house! My house is located on a corner street, so as I was walking and turning at the corner, this red van pulled up beside me. Usually, I wouldn't be too scared since my neighborhood is relatively not sketchy, so he motioned for me to take off my headphones (which I did), and come closer (which I did not). After I took off my headphones, he went, "Hey girl, you so pretty, you know that? Come over here," and I immediately turned on my heel and walked past my house so he wouldn't know where I lived. I kept walking until I was sure he left and then ran home. Definitely creeped me out!

Well I hope everyone had a better and less creepy day than I did! :) I'm watching Glee right now and it's based on The Rocky Horror Picture Show! It's soooo good!

Outfit Details:
green army jacket - DKNY
printed dress - Forever 21
teal tights - Hue
black beatup canvas shoes - Vans
brown circle scarf - Forever 21


  1. Oh my goodness that is so scary! I'm glad to hear you're safe, though!
    That jacket is so cool, and I love the print on your dress :)

  2. oh god that sounds so scary!!! people can be so creepy, i had one really bad experience when i was trying to take outfit photos and it is truly awful!! i love your jacket and the print on your dress is so pretty!!

  3. oh gosh, that's awful. im so glad nothing happened to you :/

  4. I love the grey tights!! :) Looking really good. I absolutely love your style :)


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